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Plugin – Member List

  • Here’s one I hope you all enjoy.

    This plugin and helper files allows you to link to a member list page, which by default displays the username, user title, home page, join date (with some easier-to-read formatting), and I left in some commented out code for post count if you have my post count plugin installed (if not, you might want to delete those lines from memberlist.php).

    Additionally, you can click the colum title for Username and Join Date and get the list sorted by that column. Furthermore, if you click the same column again, it sorts it by the column in descending order.

    Lastly (and the coolest part in my opinion), admins will see an extra part to the table that will allow you to delete users (as many or few at one time as you want). Users without the ability to delete users will not even be able to see the added cells or submit button.

    To see the member list in action, visit (the link is at the top). You won’t be able to see the cool admin parts of the table, of course ;)

    To download the plugin, visit

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  • By the way, currently all members will be displayed onto one page. I plan to release another version in the future that limits the number of users listed per page.

    That is just a great plugin Ardentfrost! You have now just about completed off every single reason why people stay with phpBB with plugins for bbPress and opens the doors to functionality and users we didn’t have before.

    Best part about plugins is that you get to choose how bloated you want your forums. That being said, I doubt having all the plugins in this forum would even hinder performance at all!

    Great job!


    Thanks ;)

    I think private messages is another big factor keeping people away. I’ve been working on it, but it’s a decent size task. Every new plugin I do, though, teaches me more I need to know about bbpress to get pm’s working. Doing the member list taught me some very important things. Maybe I can get it done in the next week.

    It works, but it does give me an error at the top of the page:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/forum/my-plugins/bb-memberlist.php on line 54



    hmm, that’s strange… gimme a minute, going to add in an if statement. Odd I don’t get that error though

    what page do you get that error? main page or memberlist page?

    mlist.php is where I get the error only. I am not calling the plugin anywhere but on that page.


    did you not get the link? are you just pointing to mlist.php?

    use the bb_memberlist_link() to get to the page, not just directly.

    use it like this:

    <a href="<?php bb_memberlist_link(); ?>">Member List</a>

    YES!! I was just going to ask about this, thanks!!


    I just updated the file. Retry it please.

    The error is gone. Thanks for that! Problem I have (not your problem) is that I can delete the users off your list, but because of the integration with WP, I still have to delete the users in there as well. Great idea though!


    aww, sorry it doesn’t work with the integration. You can probably add a little something to it and do it though. I just don’t have mine integrated so can’t test it.

    Ah dang, mine is with the integration too.. and being that I’m not a coder.. I’ll probably have to wait until something is worked out then.. :(


    it still works spencer, it just doesn’t delete the user in both places. For normal users, however, there is no difference.

    You can still use whatever way you use now to delete users.

    Oh! Ok.. awesome! Once my host’s server gets back online again.. I’ll implement it! Thanks again! ;) :)


    I just tried it, and for some reason.. the link is taking me to a 404 page..

    Everything was done, per the READ ME file.. Any thoughts?


    /Even styled it, and located it where you have on your forums mentioned above lol. =P

    Spencer. That memberlist link is creating the following for you:

    It needs to create the following link:

    Not sure if that is a bug, but I just manually called mlist.php myself, so I didn’t pick that up.


    the /mlist is supposed to work. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you spencer. Maybe it only works if you have pretty permalinks enabled?

    For some reason Trent’s /mlist just goes back to the main page.

    That is so weird. And that means that sorting doesn’t work for you guys.

    I’ll try to work on this. I have no idea why this works for me. Do you guys have pretty permalinks enabled?

    That would be why. Neither of us has pretty permalinks enabled. Not sure why we don’t though…. :-)


    well, dang, now I gotta figure out how to deal with if you don’t have that enabled ;)

    Did you enable it? I want to test the plugin out on your site

    I don’t want the permalinks on my forum. If you need to test it with them on, then maybe Spencer will (Here is the link for directions).

    I would assume be the one test without permalinks on if I could!



    Trent, can I email you a file to try out?

    yeah for sure.

    You know the address….



    That works for me! Working now….I will check the call on the main page now, but sorting works.


Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 62 total)
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