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Plugin – Member List

  • ardentfrost


    Here’s one I hope you all enjoy.

    This plugin and helper files allows you to link to a member list page, which by default displays the username, user title, home page, join date (with some easier-to-read formatting), and I left in some commented out code for post count if you have my post count plugin installed (if not, you might want to delete those lines from memberlist.php).

    Additionally, you can click the colum title for Username and Join Date and get the list sorted by that column. Furthermore, if you click the same column again, it sorts it by the column in descending order.

    Lastly (and the coolest part in my opinion), admins will see an extra part to the table that will allow you to delete users (as many or few at one time as you want). Users without the ability to delete users will not even be able to see the added cells or submit button.

    To see the member list in action, visit (the link is at the top). You won’t be able to see the cool admin parts of the table, of course ;)

    To download the plugin, visit

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  • sweet, ok, going to update the download. Let me know how the call goes.

    Other than my formatting….it works great!


    Original download is now updated. The only file changed is the bb-memberlist.php in the my-plugins (spencer).

    Trent, you have my post count plugin installed, you should enable post counts on the member list page ;)

    Sorry….where do I enable that?


    There’s some commented out code in memberlist.php in your templates folder. Just take out the comments (I wrote some words in there too)

    I figured that out shortly after posting….*sigh*



    Ok….last request! How about option to sort by post count as well (if applicable!)


    I thought about that, but there’s two things: 1. post count is another plugin altogether… not too big of a deal, making a function that is commented out by default is easy to do. 2. Post count isn’t a db entry, so to do it I’d have to sort results after I got them (whereas now I do it all with SQL queries).

    I do hope to add it in at a later time, I just gotta figure out the best way to do it first :)

    Hi guys, sorry.. was offline for a bit there. I didn’t have pretty permalinks enabled, and still don’t. But, after uploading those new files of your’s. It seems to be working fine now..

    Would you like me to try with pretty permalinks enabled then too, or..? Please let me know ok, I’ll test it. ;) :)


    Not really important right now anyways! Love the plugin! I just hid it a little bit by putting it in a sticky post because I find that spammers love to register just to get a link on an actual page. That is annoying and really distorts the memberlist. I might even call it by a different name and make it so .htaccess blocks it from hitting the search engines.

    The joys of spammers.


    spencer, I have permalinks enabled and it works for me, trent doesn’t and it works for him now too (and you too), so I think that bug is fixed.

    Trent, I know what you mean… that’s why that deletion part of the plugin is so cool ;) I can delete all spam users in literally a few seconds.

    Yup, it works for me if I have pretty permalinks, and no pretty permalinks set. I did exactly as said on here:

    And she’s working.. see it in action here:

    YAY!! Thanks again!! ;) :)


    glad it works :D

    And spencer, since you have my post count plugin also, you can uncomment those lines in memberlist.php :D

    Awesome!! Done!.. You’re the greatest, whee!! :D


    Sorry Ardentfrost. One more thing. If someone puts a URL for a website that is stupid long (spammers of course), it will make the memberlist go outside of the page. Is there a way to limited the characters that the website can be when listed in the memberlist?


    Good point, I’ll see what I can do. It’ll probably be a css fix (can set table widths in there).

    using it right now, and it’s working great! Thanks a ton for this.

    Trent: I’ll be updating memberlist soon to add a couple features, but I need to talk to you about fixes for wp integration (I think there are 2 that need to be applied, but I need your input and testing). IM me when you read this.

    Hi – I downloaded v.73c of this plugin and have a couple of questions about directories and where to put the link.

    1. I created a my-plugins and a my-templates directory in the root of my bbpress directory, and uploaded the files as directed in the README file. Is that correct, or do those new my- directories go someplace else?

    2. Into which file would I insert the link to the member list?

    Thanks for your patience with this bbpress newb.

    On my server I have a subdirectory called “forums” and the my- folders went into that directory. That’s the same directory I unzipped the bbpress files to. Other folders in that directory are bb-admin, bb-cache, bb-images, etc…

    I put my link in the file front-page.php in my-templates (it’s initial home is bb-templates, you have to copy it over into my-templates and change it). I just stuck it under the “Views” section (you can see the result on but you have to login) or you can do what Spencer did and put it in your header so the link can be seen on every page (you can see that on and you don’t even have to login). The only thing about putting it in the header is you need to surround it with div tags and using css to place it.

    You uploaded the files to the right place! bbPress will try and see if a file is located in those 2 directories before defaulting back to the bb-templates/ directory!

    As for the link to thte member list page, most people have been adding that in their ‘views’ section of front-page.php. Copy front-page.php from /bb-templates/, edit the file to include the link, re-upload into my-templates/

    That way, if it doesn’t work (the way you edited it), you can delete front-page.php from my-templates and bbPress will use the original again in bb-templates! Nice eh!


    Thanks guys! Y’all are a huge help to way unpolished hacks like myself. :)

    eeek. me again. I have bbpress installed in a folder called ‘bbpress’ (not ‘forum’) in my root directory. (Site is here: The members link shows up fine in the Views list, but takes me to this error:

    “The requested URL /forums/mlist.php was not found on this server.”

    I do have pretty permalinks enabled, if that matters. I tried to find where it calls the /forums directory in the plugin files but don’t know what I’m looking for exactly.

    I would go to front-page.php and check that the code you entered for the link is /bbpress/mlist.php and not /forum/mlist.php because you would of had to enter the link yourself.


Viewing 25 replies - 26 through 50 (of 62 total)
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