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MediaWiki, bbPress, and WordPress integration..

  • Ok people, here’s the deal.. I’ve installed MediaWiki 1.8.2 on my domain: and customized the links for it and so forth.. no big deal right… ?

    What I have done so far is (in this order)..

    1) Integrated bbPress to my WordPress blog.. So anyone that registers on my bbPress forums, is automatically registered into my WP blog. Usernames and Passwords work for BOTH..

    2) Applied the bbPress_Auth_for_MediaWiki extension to my MediaWiki.. However, I had to use some of the modifications listed here.

    Now, people can login to my MediaWiki with the usernames and passwords from either the WP blog, or the forums.. ;):)

    The ONLY problem I’m having now, is.. having users register for a new account on my MediaWiki “Create New Account” page.. sigh.. I’m getting the following error..

    “Login error:

    There was either an external authentication database error or you are not allowed to update your external account.”

    Which is obviously saying, it’s trying to create a new account in the MediaWiki database.. but, where really it should be trying to make a new account in my WP database.. right? Or, that might be meaning the other way around.. I’m not sure.

    My questions are:

    1) Is there a way to modify the “Create New Account” page, with the WP register page codes? So, when someone tries to create a new account on my MediaWiki itself.. it calls the WP database for it?


    2) Just modify the MediaWiki file, that contains the “Create Account” link, and use the link to the registration page for the WP blog itself? And if so, which MediaWiki file does this reside in?

    I guess I’d rather have it simple.. and just implement the WP registration codes, into the MediaWiki file.. so there is no redirecting of the “Create Account” link in my MediaWiki..

    Or, does someone know of an “extension” for MediaWiki.. that synchronizes the MediaWiki & WordPress registrations? Thanks in advanced.. ;) :)


    /It’s ALMOST totally there now.. the way I want her.. just that dang Registration problem on the MediaWiki sigh.

    By the way, you have to be registered and signed-in, to edit my Wiki.. whee! Which means, you’ll have to register on my blog, or forums first! This is why I’d like to get this MediaWiki registration figured out soon sigh..

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  • I don’t understand. PHP5 runs PHP4 code just fine; if it runs on 4, it will run on 5. (Other way around may be a problem, but that doesn’t seem to be it?) The plugin might not use features of 5, but it will run under 5.



    That is my logik too, but have you tried it? ; on the web-site they write:

    “This extension is tested with Mediawiki 1.6.9 (the latest release for PHP4) and wordpress 2.1. It will not work (yet) for Mediawiki > 1.6.9 (because of PHP5) but the next version will be PHP5 ready.”



    Well i just tried it out, and the plugin dont work with the newest mediawiki; i got: “Wiki has a problem

    Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.

    Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.

    (Can’t contact the database server: Unknown error)”

    FYI: Found this on a backup CD of mine:

    Maybe someone can tweak it for PHP5? I dunno, I’m not a PHP Pro.

    So, if I get this right;

    1) Install WordPress (current version, 2.3.1)

    2) Install and integrate BBpress (current version)

    3) Install MediaWiki (current version, 1.10.x)

    Making sure that they all use the same data container and not to let MediaWiki set any prefixes.

    Okay, that should integrate the Auth stuff and some judicious use of DB triggers (using MySQL5) might actually take care of most of the fleas. However, to be real Enterprise 2.0 here, the themes have to integrate aas well. Also, has anyone got WordPress to authenticate against an Active Directory Domain, like they have for MediaWiki?.

    Sam Bauers


    There is an LDAP plugin which would be a good jumping off point for Active Directory authentication.

    Theme compatibility between WordPress, bbPress and MediaWiki is a stretch. I have a project on the back-burner that might help with WordPress/bbPress theme integration, but MediaWiki is a big ask.

    I got this [] :

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:InetpubVwebSlamlanderwikiextensionsAuthPress.php:352) in C:InetpubVwebSlamlanderwikiincludesWebResponse.php on line 11

    What I did:

    On current install on integrated WP and BBP, added a “wiki/” directory and unpacked mediawiki 1.10.1 there, ran the install, and used the same DB. The wiki, at this time works stand-alone. What’s happening here is a version incompatibility issue, methinks, betwixt Authpress and MediaWiki. There are some code structure changes from 1.9.x to 1.10.1 but I don’t know what they were.

    I do know one thing, no one has submitted this to the MediaWiki team, why not? I should have been able to download it from there and I could even get help from them, if it were submitted.

    I am trying to integrate MediaWiki user authorization but after hours of searching I can’t find the code for AuthPress.php. is no longer online. Can someone post the code here or link to a working site? If I can find the code I would love to resurrect this project; that is unless someone has a better way of creating a single sign on setup for WP, bbPress, and MediaWiki.

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