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How to list tags on forum.php

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  • Will adding <?php bb_tag_heat_map(); ?> your forum.php do it?

    I need to list the tags like in WP where each topic has it’s own tags separated out, that code is not going to do that? Thanks though for the help.



    Doesn’t each topic display its own tags when you’re viewing just a single topic? If so, couldn’t you use the same procedure that topic.php uses, but use it in forum.php? Are you looking to get a list of all tags that are used on any topic in all your forums? (hope I got that terminology right.)

    How about a mockup of where you would like to see this?

    I want to list the few tags that each topic has associated with it on the forum.php or front-page.php like how WordPress does with the_tags(), but not have the delete link or tags form. As it is right now I can’t find a function that will just list the topics tags outside of the topics.php, can someone help me please?

    The new Freelance Switch bbPress forum is going live in 2 or 3 days and this is literally the last things that I need to do.

    topic_tags() will invoke the topic-tags.php file in your template (or if that file doesn’t exist in your template, in the default template).

    At the bottom of the code in that template, there is a tag_form(); invocation. To not have the form appear, you could try invoking the rest of the code on that page (without that tag_form invocation).

    The “delete tag” link will appear as long as you are logged in as an admin. It won’t appear to most users when you’re not logged in. So you shouldn’t worry about that appearing. :-)

    Derek Herman


    I have tried that and topic_tags() returns absolutely nothing if used on any page other than topics.php.

    Actually … kinda yeah.

    This works on any page <?php if (is_topic() ) : ?><?php topic_tags(); ?><?php endif; // is_topic() ?> I have it in sidebar.php and it works fine. The reason it works is that it checks the page to see if it’s a topic and, if so, gets the tags.

    I’m guessing you want something like this on your index page etc: Topic Name – Poster Name – Tags

    You’ll need something like bb_get_topic_tags() which appears to take a $topic_id parameter.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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