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Forum Order…

  • I created two forum categories, with two forums under each, and ordered them as such…


    — News

    — Issues & Concerns

    Cabo, San Lucas

    — Bad Experiences

    — Places of Interest

    However, if you go to you will they are ordered much differently. And, it doesn’t even look like they are categorized…

    Cabo, San Lucas

    Issues & Concerns


    Bad Experiences

    Places of Interest

    Any idea how I can fix this?

    I am using BBPress 2.0 (and BuddyPress) and my forums are located at:

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  • Adam


    in buddy press you cannot change the order of things its all depends on the most active group.

    Well… that sucks. Then why is there an “order” field when you create or edit a forum/category? Also seems a little odd that they let you put things into a category, and then just shuffle things around. Makes no sense to have categories then.

    If there is no way to sort the fields (either by modifying the query, or by using some code to tell the site what order to put them in)… then, does anyone know how to hard-code the forum page (without messing up the rest of the forum functionality)?

    Also, I’m using BBpress 2.0, and haven’t enabled the BuddyPress forum component. So, BBpress should be handling the forums, and the order, correct???

    Have you tried using one of the shortcodes to generate the forum index?

    It looks like your theme is displaying the forums with an archive view instead of using bbP’s forum view.

    When using BuddyPress with BBpress, it acts all screwy…

    [bbp-topic-index] and [bbp-topic-form] both show “BLOG ARCHIVES NOT FOUND” when I use those short codes:

    [bbp-login] and [bbp-lost-pass] don’t work at all. Just show the title of the page … with no content at all.

    [bbp-register] is the only one that works, pointing the user to registration page.



    use order. if your in bbpress use order.

    As mentioned in the 3rd post of this forum … I’ve use the order field. It sorts them correctly in wp-admin …. just not on the page.

    As mentioned in the 3rd post of this forum … I’ve use the order field. It sorts them correctly in wp-admin …. just not on the page.

    I don’t know how to help with the categorically nested forum issue you originally posted (didn’t even know you could do that), but regarding the Order issue…I just struggled with it and found that you must Order every forum you create numerically (if you have 40, then they must all be numbered 1-40). As the default number is 0 for a new forum, it will automatically be ordered at the top (0-40) unless you designate it with another number. Hope this tedious little solution helps you in any way!



    I’ve given up on using BBPress, and installed phpBB instead. Was having too much trouble customizing it for my needs. phpBB has alot more functionality that I needed and was easier to administer.

    No more need to reply to this post. Consider it closed.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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