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bbPress Top 100 April 2009 Update

  • _ck_


    Well it’s been six month now so we’re long overdue

    for another (completely unofficial) TOP 100 report!

    Top 1000 requires free registration/login:

    New this year is the ability to vote on sites, based on quality/content, so even if a site is not in the regular Top 100 list, be sure to “vote it up” and I will post another list soon with the highest votes. There are some really nice looking forums running bbPress out there that deserve some votes. You must be a member to vote but registration is free of course. The Top 1000 list can also be searched when you are logged in, as well as an experimental Tag Cloud

    When we last left the list, it had just topped over 4000 websites.

    In the newest list, despite roughly 1000 sites disappearing (small test installs, etc.) the list is now over 6000 strong! This means an average of 15 sites per day are installing and sticking with bbPress. About 10% of these forums are running the new 1.0 alpha (and half of those have not upgraded to the newest 1.0a6, so they need to keep up with the releases).

    At this rate, next time I am going to have to make it the Top 10,000 list.

    However I am sad to report a dark side has emerged in bbPress’s growth. Because of how much easier bbPress is to control and manipulate with just a basic knowledge of PHP/MySQL compared to other forum software, some “black hats” have latched onto bbPress in order to create a big content spamming network, nearly 200 sites strong. They aim these sites at search engines with topics such as gambling, lottery and foreign currency exchanges. You can see them at the very end of the Top 1000 list, where they sit demoted. This really doesn’t affect the average forum operator in any way, it’s just unfortunate to see. WordPress went through this kind of event too, I just hate to see it happen.

    ps. This list also marks the first inclusion of a TalkPress powered site and while it only has a couple dozen posts because it’s brand new, it has the easy access of 7.5million members so it’s bound to grow quickly!

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  • _ck_


    There are now three bbPress forums with over a million posts, the leader being Simon and Schuster’s site which appeared so suddenly that I suspect they must have imported their content from another forum that already existed for some time.

    Here are some other ranges by number of posts:

    1,000,000 + 	 	3
    100,000 - 499,999 11
    50,000 - 99,999 22
    10,000 - 49,999 70+
    5,000 - 9,999 70+
    1,000 - 4,999 300+
    100 - 999 1000+

    bbPress is being used in nearly 90 countries/regions.

    Here are the top 50 in order of highest use.

    (note that as we get lower in the list, the higher the chance of inaccuracy,

    some countries/languages are hard to detect)

    1. United States
    2. Germany
    3. Russian Federation
    4. Spain
    5. United Kingdom
    6. Italy
    7. France
    8. Turkey
    9. Canada
    10. Netherlands
    11. Sweden
    12. Denmark
    13. China
    14. Japan
    15. Brazil
    16. Europe
    17. Romania
    18. Poland
    19. Australia
    20. Norway
    21. India
    22. Argentina
    23. Ukraine
    24. Czech Republic
    25. Belgium
    26. Switzerland
    27. Finland
    28. Austria
    29. Indonesia
    30. Hungary
    31. Bulgaria
    32. Montenegro
    33. Iran
    34. Saudi Arabia
    35. Ireland
    36. Chile
    37. Latvia
    38. Niue
    39. Portugal
    40. South Africa
    41. Israel
    42. New Zealand
    43. Greece
    44. Malaysia
    45. Slovakia
    46. Lithuania
    47. Mexico
    48. Thailand
    49. Serbia
    50. Singapore

    Wow, this is really nice!!!



    For those that like technical statistics:

    * PHP Popularity

    5.2.x : 62%

    5.1.x : 5%

    4.4.x : 15%

    4.3.x : 2%

    * Server Popularity

    Apache/2.x : 56%

    Apache : 24% (unknown version)

    Apache/1.3 : 11%

    Microsoft-IIs : 3%

    Litespeed : 1%

    Lighttpd : 0.5%

    Nginx : 0.5%

    * bbPress Popularity

    1.0a6 : 5%

    1.0 ? : 5% (1.0 using pre-a6)

    0.9.x : 52%

    0.8.x : 35% (this is likely wrong, it includes 0.8 installs that upgraded to 0.9)

    *snicker* I’m on the top 1000! (#906! Woo!). How are you detecting regionality? I notice a lot of .net/.org sites are ???



    Region is determined by a combination of tld, declared character set, and server ip location. Even with all that, sometimes it’s impossible to figure out automatically what the target audience is, hence the “???” I’m still improving the routine.

    Let’s just say I have a new found respect for Google – I think they must look at whois info for the domain owner registration. I don’t quite have the resources to mimic that yet.

    906 isn’t too shabby considering how many sites there are now.

    I like how you replaced “sticky” with a nifty little icon.



    I see a bunch of people voted for their own site and nothing else?

    Come on, there are some nice designs out there to vote for…

    Thx for info

    Thank you for this update!



    How upto date is the half a million posts and 100,000 users on the WordPress Support forums as described in the About pages – Can you give that statistic a date in time or keep it updated with a time of last update or even a pretty graph, please, pretty please.



    sa05admin, all the numbers were gathered in the first two weeks of April

    _ck_, I looked into some things about regionality and I don’t think you’ll be able to get it much better than it is, unless you do as you mentioned, with the whois. Even then, it’s not going to be accurate 100%, since sometimes a server is in the US, but it runs a Brazillian site, etc. (And I’m still pissed at Google, a year later, from when I was in Japan and I went to and it kicked me to, based on my IP, and ignoring everything else like the fact that my browser info showed I used English. At the time, I couldn’t get it to show the link to ‘Google in English’ and I was stuck in Japanese for a while.) Regions and localization are things that seem like a really good idea, but there’s no way to make it perfect, since you can never tell when someone’s abroad :/

    I like how you replaced “sticky” with a nifty little icon.

    Thanks! That was my first ‘hack’ for bbPress and I slapped this in my functions.php

    // This sets sticky label as an image
    remove_filter('bb_topic_labels', 'bb_sticky_label', 20);
    function my_sticky_label( $label ) {
    global $topic;
    if (is_front()) {
    if ( '2' === $topic->topic_sticky ) {
    return sprintf(__('<img src="/images/sticky.png" alt="[sticky]" /> %s'), $label);
    } else {
    if ( '1' === $topic->topic_sticky || '2' === $topic->topic_sticky ) {
    return sprintf(__('<img src="/images/sticky.png" alt="[sticky]" /> %s'), $label);
    return $label;
    add_filter('bb_topic_labels', 'my_sticky_label', 20);



    I have now created a way for all the new and undiscovered bbPress powered forums to submit their site for inclusion in the next list:

    It’s getting harder and harder to find them all as there are so many themes and customizations being created, so feel free to submit any forum you know is powered by bbPress to help me.

    Looking for info on top forums using bbpress (most specifically- if Mozilla forums were using it)- and find the links to a sort of cryptic message saying that this moderator has been removed and that the development is slowing:

    “The bbPress Showcase has been discontinued.

    The removal of Sam Bauers and the halting of 2.0

    was a clear and final sign that there is no interest in allowing

    bbPress to become a mature, robust program and community.

    By now bbPress 1.5 could have been in alpha but instead

    bbPress development has been deliberately stagnated,

    which should be a very alarming warning to everyone.

    In addition, bbShowcase had only six donations in 2009,

    which indicated to me there was no interest in my work.

    My code will remain on as open source GPL

    for those that wish to use it, however I caution you to

    consider bbPress’s lack of leadership before continuing to use it.”

    What gives?



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