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  • It worked for us, mostly. Using BBPress and bbSync 0.94 gave us integration, and comments and users over to the BBPress site. We just lost comments on the WP side, and didn’t get permalinks back and forth.

    Would LOVE to have this working, as it was almost good enough even “broken.”

    How can we help, Felix?

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    Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate the ping. It worked for ALMOST everything we needed. Bummer. Anyone using anything else?

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    Hey all!

    Great plugin, awesome thread. Felix, you da man.

    Quick question – is bbSync supposed to completely get rid of comments on the WP side? If I have a post that has been submitted via bbSync to the bbPress side, the comments disappear from the WP page, and only show up on the BB side.

    I would love people to post on the WP side and have the comments be viewable on the WP side, as well as on bbPress. I saw the thread above about integrating the bbPress comments BACK to the WP side, but not worried about that yet.

    Any thoughts? This guy:

    Is having a similar issue. Anyone solve the issue?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)