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  • I was expecting (and perhaps hope to see in future versions) pages like those in WP, where all the topic headings are displayed with the option of edit and delete. At present there is no mechanism for editing topic headers.

    As Posts don’t have headings, it is less applicable, but again, a method of permanently deleting posts would be useful.

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    Is that actually on the email they received, or in the page that they get saying that the registration was successful?

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    Ok! Sorted! (memory did play me false – of course there was a usermeta table!) Not quite as straightforward as I altered the admin key but then found that I didn’t have access to the admin pages at all. Then created a second install and copied the admin capabilities entry across. Still couldn’t get to admin pages, but then discovered a new row in the usermata table with an ID of 1 and capabilities of a member. Deleting both of those table rows restored everything back to normal Thanks to phpMyadmin, and most of all to fel64, both for this query and others I have posted! (Hey – its when things break that you findout how they work!)

    There is abit of a ‘gotcha’ there though because if you do demote yourself to admin, there is no way to re-promote yourself back to keymaster. I suppose the only way round that would be to disable admin from changing his own privileges.

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    OK – will look later when I am at home, but from memory I don’t recall a bb_usermeta table. Again, from recollection , the term Keymaster doesn’t feature in any of the WordPress installations I have (I am running about 4 on my server), but I’ll check in a couple of hours or so. My wp databases are separate from the bb databases (ie I run multiple databases under MySSQL – and none of my WP databases use the WP_ prefix, which is why I didn’t bother when I installed bbPres!)

    Thank you for your help so far!

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    Not sure I follow. I log in as admin

    go to admin pages and select users.

    Select myself and edit profile.

    Under user type I have a drop down menu with the options of






    No mention of keymaster although this did appear on intial posts when I first installed bbpress. I can get that to reappear on posts by setting the custom title. Is keymaster a special category that can only be selected at install?

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    going to http://www.mydomain/pcbb/bb-admin/themes.php just puts me straight back to the home page (my bbpress installation is actually in a directory called pcbb)

    Just to make sure I have done everything correctly

    I have created my-templates in pcbb

    This is not integrated with any wordpress tables – they are all standalone – the bbpress database has the 8 bb_ tables in it and nothing else.

    Copied the theme in its own directory to my-templates

    I never have seen a presentation menu even on the new install which was 0.8.1. The new install didn’t have bb_ as table prefixes, although I have since corrected that (after upgrading to 0.8.2

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    Thank you. I must browse the plugins pages in greater depth (still very much a newbie with bbpress)

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    Thank you! (While I am posting – it is very easy to finf snags, so can I just say a ‘Thank-you’ for developing and supporting this! I wish my technical/programming skills were suggicient to make a contribution!

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    Think our posts crossed! Solution implemented but thank you!

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    I’m getting this error message

    You must specify a table prefix in your config.php file

    This is using the same Config.php file I used for 0.8.1, the enty in the config.php is

    $bb_table_prefix = ”; // Only letters, numbers and underscores please!

    (I don’t use table prefixes)


    OK the workaround – use PHPmyadmin to rename all the tables with a prefix (I used the default bb_) and then update the config.php file.

    Password e mailing problem sorted by manually editing the sendmail config file to add my external e mail relay.

    I have been looking into the problems with passwords not being sent – so this is more of a sendmail/apache query. (I am a bit of a newbie at this)

    My mail log shows the following entry:

    Jun 17 12:48:35 peter_l sendmail[858]: l5FM5vOE017116: to=<>, ctladdr= (48/48), delay=1+13:42:18, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=3630508,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Name server: host name lookup failure.

    My SMTP server (where my normally generated e mail by my e mail client is sent) is How and where do I set that up in sendmail or apache (as the control address semms to reference apache)

    What is really strange is that sometimes I do get e mail from the blog, although it is often delayed, so I guess that sometimes the email is getting through…

    Any help or insight gratefully received.

    I think I’m losing the plot.. :( just checked the bbpress hot tag and it points internally … so I suppose that while the question remains, the answer is probably “You can’t” – which in turn leads me to raise an enhancement request that such a facility (like the one in wordpress where you can add links to a blogroll on a sidebar)

    In fact it would be more useful if these tags could be added on a per forum (or even per topic basis)

    Sorry – this was a duplicate – mod please delete)

    Worked for me, although initially highlighted another @strpos error in the functions.php script.

    However setting is bozo to 1 in the admin pages creates the appropriate row in the meta table for the user, setting it back to zero deletes the row, rather than setting the value to zero (which is presumably why the box remains blank) while it works, it seems an odd way of doing it!

    (Just realised I am being critical of someone else’s work without the ability to do it better myself – my apologies – I suppose I ought to get down a book on PHP and try and actively contribute rather than just fault find…)

    Sorry – no, not running this on, it is on my own server, however (unless I have not read the headers properly) the e mails don’t appear to originate from my server. I created two test accounts last night – 10 hours later the e mails still haven’t arrived!

    Thank you for details of the fix. It worked (after fixing another @ strpos problem in the functions.php script) however I see that setting is bozo to zero in the admin pages removes the table row, rather than restting it to zero (i.e. setting to one creates the table row with the value 1, resetting it to zero deletes the row, rather than just resetting the value!) which seems strange behaviour – but hey – it works! No doubt it will be swept up in future versions!

    Thank you – sorry, some other anomolies/bugs! The bozo setting is strange as the default setting in the user profile is (literally) “1” but there is no entry imn the meta table. Manually setting the setting to “1” (including quotes) then generates the row in the meta table with the value “1” (including quotes) with the user set to bozo! Perhaps the default setting in the table should be 0.

    Chosen passwords might be preferable to having to wait 48 hours or more for registration password to arrive. This mechanism seems unreliable, but I’m not sure if it is a local server issue or a issue…

    I have a similar problem. WordPress sends notifications from my server quite happily (although it takes about 72 hours after a post/comment to appear until I get the e mail, but with BB-press, this is a significant problem. I’m still waiting after 2 days for an e mailed password. In the end I used the md5sum function to create the hashed password iof my choosing and pasted that directly into the user table.

    Could future releases allow users to choose their own passwords at the time of registration?

    I have got BB working, but a number of bugs. How do I report them?

    How do I permanently delete posts? Can I lock forums?

    If the is_bozo line appears for a user in the user_meta table, even if the value is “1” posts are marked as spam. Updating the user profile with 0 seems to fix this.

    There are several others I have found, usually fixed by editing the tables directly using phpMyadmin!

    Server is running FC6, MySql 14.12 Distrib 5.0.27, php 4.4.7 and apache 2.2.4

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