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  • I’m having a problem creating sticky topics. The first time I tried it, it seemed to work OK, but now the only way I can make a topic sticky is to manually alter the database topics table sticky to a 2. Using the make sticky switch at the bottom of the table sets the DB entry to 1, and clearing it sets it back to 0, but it only appears sticky if it is manually set to 2!

    Has anyone else come across this?

    (and how do you get a different coloured sticky background?)

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  • There are two kinds of stickies. Those that stick in the individual forum pages and those that stick in the front page.

    Click “Stick Topic” to stick it in the forum page.

    Click “Stick Topic To Front” to stick it to the front page (click the “to front” part).

    Not super intuitive :)

    Stickies are given css classes: sticky and super-sticky (if it’s stuck to the front page). You can use those classes to style them however you like.

    Thank you! (While I am posting – it is very easy to finf snags, so can I just say a ‘Thank-you’ for developing and supporting this! I wish my technical/programming skills were suggicient to make a contribution!

    Where do you set a post to sticky? I can’t seem to find it (bbpress 1.0)

    Nevermind. I found it. It is at the bottom of the page when you click view post.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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