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    It has almost been a week, this doesn’t really add to the “we-are-reviving-bbPress” feeling. How hard can it be to copy-past and post some log?

    Seems we have a spammer here (sexkeyfi)

    Ahhhh so simple once you know how to do it :) Thanks a lot, it worked!

    Some just want it what it is: a FORUM, no fancy community options, no wordpress, just a stand alone forum. If this forum would require wordpress to function or buddypress, I would ditch this great peace of software. It would get too bloated IMHO.

    1 of the great things about bbPress is that its small and clean. Want to add stuff, install a plugin. You can make it function the way you want it.

    In reply to: changing tag list view

    Ok I have written a function to get the tags in a row, but I want to have them comma seperated, any ideas?

    function bb_row_tags( $args = null ) {
    $defaults = array(
    'tags' => false,
    'format' => 'row',
    'topic' => 0,

    $args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );
    extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP );

    if ( !$topic = get_topic( get_topic_id( $topic ) ) ) {
    return false;

    if ( !is_array( $tags ) ) {
    $tags = bb_get_topic_tags( $topic->topic_id );

    if ( !$tags ) {
    return false;

    $r = '';
    switch ( strtolower( $format ) ) {
    case 'row' :
    default :
    $args['format'] = 'row';
    foreach ( $tags as $tag ) {
    $r .= _bb_row_tag_item( $tag, $args );
    echo $r;

    function _bb_row_tag_item( $tag, $args ) {
    $url = esc_url( bb_get_tag_link( $tag ) );
    $name = esc_html( bb_get_tag_name( $tag ) );
    if ( 'row' == $args['format'] ) {
    $id = 'tag-' . $tag->tag_id . '_' . $tag->user_id;
    return "t" . '<a href="' . $url . '" rel="tag">' . $name . '</a>' . "n";

    Seems OK in Opera 10

    In reply to: changing tag list view

    Hmm this wont work since I need to edit _bb_list_tag_item too. Hmm perhaps I need to write some new code for this. Kinda hoped this could be done easier :)

    It’s kinda dead atm. Even big plugin suppliers like _ck_ seems to be abandoning this project. It’s a shame :(

    In reply to: changing tag list view

    Well to be honest, I think some kind of filter has to be created. I need this for a template and it’s kinda weird you have to go this deep to change a display. Sure I can put this in a plugin but then you have to supply this plugin with your template. It’s a small issue but something the dev team should take a look at…. if there is still one…

    Nevertheless, thank you for your suggestion, I’ll try it as soon as I am home.

    Kind regards,

    Installed the alpha, but it still returns view-page….

    Aaahhhh that explains a lot :) Going to add the patch en see if it works.


    Tested some stuff. I have this now:

    function bbport_location() {
    if (substr($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"],strrpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"],"/")+1) == "view.php?view=port"):
    return "port-page";

    add_filter( 'get_bb_location', 'bbport_location' );

    The problem is that it doesn’t return port-page. If I echo get_bb_location tis will still show: view-page instead of port-page. So why isn”t it updated? Why isn’t it returned?

    To make my description easier:

    view.php gives: view-page

    view.php?view=port gives: view-page too.

    I want view.php?view=port to give: port-page


    Okay this works. Small question, if it’s not possible I don’t mind, but currently it jumps to the bottom of the first post. So at the top of the page you’ll see: POSTED 10 MONTHS AGO # on your screen

    Is it possible to lower this new “anchor” just underneath this line so that this line of text is not visible anymore? (because its moved up, out of the screen). Just like the # link does now (if you click it, you’ll see what I mean).

    Now people get the feeling they missed a post and scroll up, only to discover that is the first post. It’s just a small thing, but it would be nicer.



    Thanks for the reply, I’ll try your suggested “untested theoretical plugin”. But what does the 999 stand for? Just learning :)

    I know, that’s why I ask it here :) The forum has to know some way what topics belong to him and in what order, so there must be a way to get it…. the only questions is: how???

    Well it’s a comment link and, at the moment, linking to the last post. I want to change this to link it to the second post since that is the first real comment. I want, from a specified forum, the links of every second post (first real reply) of every topic in that specified forum.

    Current code:

    <?php printf(__('<a href="%1$s">Comments (%2$s)</a>'), get_topic_last_post_link(), get_topic_posts()) ?></div>

    So get_topic_last_post_link(), should be change to the link the second # is generating now…

    Like get_topic_first_reply_link() or something…


    I want to link directly to the sec post and show it just like the # link does now. The problem is how to get this # url without modifing any core files.

    Any help is appreciated

    There is also a offical MS code you can put in your header that IE8 can read and it will automaticly render as IE7 when it’s in. I only can’t remember what that code was :)

    But to be honest, these are dirty fixes. Since IE8 is more ‘web standard compatible’ then IE6 or 7 we should update the CSS files with the next release (and hopefully get rid of those: if IE then… code)

    Perhaps this plugin can help you out:

    Not quite what you need, but comes close. Or a hide topic option so people can hide their topic untill they want to publish it. Don’t know if there is such a publish plugin around though

    His name (and the link) is the spam! Translated it is: get a loan cheap and: let us calculate your morgage (don’t know if this is spelled correctly).

    It is spam it isn’t a normal name. Spam in my mail have the same name :) The sites are identical too.

    Also his replies aren’t sound either. He just posted stuf so his name and link are seen and (hopefully) clicked.

    Ah thanks, you did more than enough, thanks again!

    Ow okay, it just makes it confusion for some people having 2 folders having (almost) the same name.

    Putting my stuff back into my-plugins then :)

    Okay, I’ve tested the new one. I see there is a hyperlink now and when you click it, I see this (statuspage?):

    There are 1 total users online. 1 of them are members: Admin. 1 of them are on this page.

    Admin (1) - 1 minutes ago - /mssp/?mini_track_display

    The last part /mssp/etc is a link too? I think this is a bug.


    Is this also possible?

    These members are currently on this page: jhon, kim, jack, etc

    Third: It would be cool if the names are clickable and you go to their profile while clicking them.

    Hmm but putting my own plugins into bb-plugins will work just fine, so my-plugins is kinda a waste.

    I understand why the bb-plugins is created, but i don’t see why these have to be saperated from the my-plugins folder. If there is no difference, why keep 2?

    Or am I seeing this wrong?


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