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  • @gautam, that would be greatly appreciated! :)

    Michael, check the FAQ of improved spoiler, it shows you how to add such a button.

    @Michael R, yes it does.

    , thanks good to know.

    Ok here’s the list:


    Admin add user

    Admin can post anything

    After the dealine

    Ajaxed Quote

    Allow Images

    Approve user registration

    Auto add favorites




    bbcode buttons toolbar

    bbcode lite


    bbpress mobile edition

    bbpress moderation suite

    bbpress polls

    bbpress private messaging

    bbpress recent replies

    bbpress signatures



    bb Topic Views


    Best Answer

    check for updates

    fix admin access

    forum restriction

    hidden forums

    hot topic

    ignore member

    indicate new posts

    report post


    reputation (karma) for bbpress

    show top posters

    simple onlinelist

    subscribe to topic

    super search

    support forum

    topic icons

    use display name – if you’re using wp, edit the file, change BB_Users to wp_users

    user timezones

    wordpress latest post

    Not working:

    bb anonymous posting

    Graphic user rank

    wiki post (this resulted in my admin section turning into a complete whitepage, if this happens to you go to your mysql database and go to bb_meta and then bb_option active_plugins and remove the text just before wiki and till ;)

    Also please note that I’m working on a theme and getting everything integrated in there.

    I’m adding a lot of plugins to my development site tonight, I’ll see which works and which don’t, and also possibly try to fix them. I’ll at least let you know which didn’t work for me.


    Interesting read, thanks. Seems like we’ll have to top that, huh? vBulletin 4.0 is i mean

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    @grassrootspa I agree, but I think he made the decision to bring back some life in bbpress. But that’s just speculation though. I’ll ask about it in the meet tomorrow that’s for sure.

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    @chris, I think that’s still faaaaaaaaaar off tbh, and I do hope he reconsiders as well. As a plugin would be bloody slow compared to dedicated software. My honest opinion is it should be 2, standalone and there should be a plugin to make that standalone integrated with wordpress! So people will have a choice. Personally I think this is one of the fastest/most secure forum software out there. It would be as silly as making a wp plugin for bbpress. They should be separate and linkable through plugins. (1 at the wp side, 1 at the bbpress side)

    @HSeatSleeper, I hope you will still continue this, because even if it’s gonna happen it’ll still take a long time till it reaches the stage of WP plugin. Your theme could still be used for the standalone version, even if it becomes obsolete.

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    I also think the serious lack of a good codex is killing potential enthusiasts/contributors. So I don’t mind building the codex for bbpress. It’s a needed feature. And should be like WP’s.

    I’ll see you in the meet Wednesday.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)