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  • I would search the db for traces of old paths…

    I would remove any symlinks (like cPanel subdomains)

    Then, I would check all the .htaccess files for old information.

    A final clearing of browser cache/cookies and then start from there.

    @ipstenu: So your bb-config.php has:

    $bb->wp_siteurl = 'http://ipstenu.org/blog';
    $bb->wp_home = 'http://ipstenu.org/blog';
    $bb->cookiedomain = '.ipstenu.org';
    $bb->cookiepath = '/';
    $bb->sitecookiepath = '/';
    $bb->admin_cookie_path = '/forum/bb-admin';
    $bb->core_plugins_cookie_path = '/forum/bb-plugins';
    $bb->user_plugins_cookie_path = '/forum/my-plugins';


    and your wp-config.php has similar entries:

    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.ipstenu.org');
    define('COOKIEPATH', '/' );


    All fixed. This post by deadmedic fixed all my issues! It explains why all the ‘worked for me!’ posts seemed like nonsense to me.

    The fix:

    Change line 673 in bb-settings.php from:

    $bb->sitecookiepath = rtrim($bb->sitecookiepath, '/');


    $bb->sitecookiepath = '/' . trim($bb->sitecookiepath, '/');

    Thank you deadmedic!

    while ($stars_in_heavens) {
    deadmedic.karma += extra_scoop_of_icecream();
    deadmedic.praise_sung += 1;

    You fixed it.

    Here I was searching for all instances of setcookie…novice error!

    WP2.6.3; bbPress 1.0a2; PHP5; Apache 1.3

    I can log in and out of WP and bbPress from any direction!

    I did not use the .htaccess edits, just the rtrim line.

    Thank you, so very much!

    I wonder if this is going to solve my bbSynch and bbLive issues?

    BTW, there is a WP plugin to skin the wp login. They have a flickr group to share what people have done.

    I like the idea of funneling registrations through bbPress, as most of my members will hit the fora.

    I have to go and clean up some nasty things I’ve been saying around the web about integration…

    Thanks again, man.


    This would be great as a ‘Promote To Main Forum’ plugin.

    WPMu integration comes to mind where satellite fora feed a global forum…

    Congratulations! Nice and clean.

    @Jon: Curious. There is a difference between my setup and yours.

    I have bbPress in a separate db but share the wp user tables…you?

    @jonkristian and klarko:

    Are you using bbPress 1.0.2a?

    Jon, are you using WP2.6x? I see that klarko is using wpmu.

    So the web-consensus is that

    $bb->cookiedomain = '.domain.com';

    specifically the leading dot before the domain.com, is key to permitting cookies created in one subdomain to be useful in other related domains.

    Darn. I thought I found my magic bullet.

    @sc0ttbeard: Hey Scott, take a look at a previous post of mine to hopefully jump-start your audit. I wonder if it’s a simple server config issue wrt cookie domain path… I’m going to RTFM.

    @complex I think you’re mistaken. WP2.6.2 – WP2.6.3 did not have cookie-related modifications.

    WP2.6.3 did not fix ‘cookie-related issues’. The edict still stands for bbPress 0.9x.

    As I understand it, it is the move to bbPress 1.0 that uses the ‘new’ WP2.6x cookies.

    If you find ‘old’ options they’re probably there to permit backwards-compatibility with plugins etc that have not been upgraded yet.

    Did you figure it out?

    Look at the front-page.php to see where the table row tags are output to see which CSS class is assigned to that tr element…

    WP: http://mydomain.org/
    bbPress: http://mydomain.org/forum/

    Apache version 1.3.41 (Unix)
    PHP version 5.2.5
    MySQL version 5.0.51a-community
    Architecture i686
    Operating system Linux

    Mine’s longer ;)

    @sam: The function ‘display’ in the bbpress-live.php class ‘bbPress_Live_Widget_Forums’ appears to echo out the fora lists etc. Look who I’m preaching too ;) I must have missed something!

    Curious Ipstenu that the rest of your wp blog functions with this plugin enabled and in this state. Not my current experience. Server differences?

    Thanks Deadpan11,

    The core behavior of bb-settings.php is to append BB_HASH to the cookie name on line 638:

    $bb->logged_in_cookie = ($bb->wp_cookies_integrated ? 'wordpress_logged_in_' : 'bbpress_logged_in_') . BB_HASH;

    Even in a non-WPMU installation such as this one, I would agree that this is a good coding protocol to follow. I did try your suggestion though, because I do want to understand, but the cookie was still created as wordpress_logged_in_blah3_blah5_blah8.

    This caught my eye over the weekend…

    In bb-settings.php line 592:

    $bb->wp_cookies_integrated = false;
    $bb->cookiedomain = bb_get_option('cookiedomain');
    if ( $bb->wp_siteurl && $bb->wp_home ) {
    if ( $bb->cookiedomain ) {
    $bb->wp_cookies_integrated = true;

    I even tried setting $bb->cookiedomain=” to allow the code to construct the value… no joy. No problems logging into bbPress, which is just fine for the moment.

    The code is alpha! Since others had had success I was trying to nail down my server environment deltas…

    I’ll push on with other projects for now :)

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve been trying to get this work too.

    After emailing Chris the link, the issue disappeared.

    Got to love things that go underground.

    Thanks though.

    My theme (kakumei blue) uses this in the style.css:

    tr.bb-category td {

    background-color: #ddd;



    With all the path and cookie info stripped out of bb-config and wp-config, cache and cookies cleared, the logging into bbPress:

    wordpress_logged_in_URIHASH => /forum/
    wordpress_URIHASH => /wp-content/plugins
    wordpress_URIHASH => /wp-admin
    wordpress_URIHASH => /forum/my-plugins
    wordpress_URIHASH => /forum/bb-plugins
    wordpress_URIHASH => /forum/bb-admin

    Note the trailing slash on the /forum/ path.

    The only ‘integration’ info in the bb-config.php is the db connection stuff. That’s it.

    Now, this may be/probably is totally natural, that `wordpress_URIHASH => /wp-content/plugins

    wordpress_URIHASH => /wp-admin` cookies are set, and this goes to highlight how wrong my perspective is! Here I was thinking that I had configured at least part of it correctly, the auth cookie stuff, but it was doing it all along, haha.

    I wonder if one of the WP user permissions plugins (WP-Sentry comes to mind) is affecting this -nah! Cookies are set before output is sent.

    Time to back off of this.

    Users will just have to log in twice (between the blog and the fora).

    Thanks rowoot.

    Sounds familiar.

    I have been brute-forcing it (after reading the cookie-related code to see where it’s getting what) and have discovered that if I strip ALL of the integration code, I can still get the correct wp cookies to be generated which sounds like a cache issue…

    I’m going to flush cache now… and if it still works, I’m going to try and turn water into a nice Shiraz.

    So I was thinking about this in the shower, if I can get bbPress to set a cookie for / instead of /forum I think my woes would be over (See Step 2 above…)

    Now, before looking into it further, I don’t think this is how it works. If the script calling for a cookie to be set is in folder ‘/forum/’ then the domain scope for that cookie is going to be set to ‘/forum/’ by the webserver.

    But to test the obvious, I rushed to bb-config and tried variations on

    // Cookie Scope
    $bb->cookiedomain = '';
    $bb->cookiepath = '/';
    $bb->sitecookiepath = '/';

    No joy.

    Maybe if I had the wp-login code on the forum site…with bb-admin cookies… let me try some things…

    The ‘/’ cookie to rule them all is the way to go. If I can just get it to work…

    I’m only 3 days new to bbPress so I hope I don’t steer you wrong…

    There are probably alternating colors too…

    #thread li.alt .threadpost
    #thread li .threadpost

    I think it’s the background color of the li not the img to be changed…

    Hmm, I’m going to bow out, sorry. The solution is probably ridiculously facile and I look forward to seeing it. A bbPress content filter for the img tag inside an li?


    I guess I should also point out (in case!) that I used URIHASH to represent the gyug76tg9t780780yy870y8-yyg string…

    Less cluttered…

    Until someone who know what they’re doing chimes in… you could use CSS Selectors (of your own making e.g. ‘foo’) to trap and apply styles to elements with the ‘foo’ attribute…

    [foo]        -- Has an attribute named "foo"
    [foo="bar"] -- Has an attribute named "foo" with a value of "bar" ("bar")
    [foo~="bar"] -- Value has the word "bar" in it somewhere ("blue bar stools")
    [foo^="bar"] -- Value begins with "bar" ("barstool")
    [foo$="bar"] -- Value ends with "bar" ("I was at the bar")
    [foo*="bar"] -- Value has bar somewhere ("I was looking for barstools")

    So I guess, if you had <img foo='inpost'... and

    [foo ="inpost"] { background-color: transparent; max-width:100%;} that might work.

    If you posted an actual link to the test site (or emailed it), folks could use FF web developer plugins etc to nail down the CSS tree for that theme…

    I hope this helps.

    Also, Josh,

    Would please confirm that you followed the Dox to the letter/character!

    Were these brand new installs or did you add the forum to an existing WP install?


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