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Move Topic from one bbPress install to another

  • I have a site with two separate bbPress installs that share a single users table: one is a Message Boards forum, while the other one is for Classifieds. They are on two separate subdomains:



    Some users post classifieds listings to the Boards, which creates tons of admin work: I have to mark the listing as spam, message the user and ask them to repost it to Classifieds. It’s a big pain, and the problem is only growing.

    After doing this several hundred times, I finally realized that maybe there was a better solution :-). It’d be great if I could click a button and have the topic be deleted from the Boards server and added to Classifieds.

    Is it possible to have a plugin “cross over” and send data to another bbPress install? In this case, both the Boards and the Classifieds bbPress installs are on the same physical server… maybe that helps here? Or maybe that doesn’t matter, and this can all be done through API’s or something…

    Any insight on this one? Thanks!

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  • This would be great as a ‘Promote To Main Forum’ plugin.

    WPMu integration comes to mind where satellite fora feed a global forum…

    I’ve done some research, and it appears the API route is a no-go: bbPress won’t support API’s until version 1 (and I’m on 0.9).

    Anyone have any other possible angles on this one?



    Since they share the same db on the same server it’s possible to write a custom mysql query to do the move behind bbPress’s back. This would be necessary because it’s impossible to load the core for both copies of bbPress to move the topic with the two APIs.

    If you could use the API, it would be far, far easier of course, but since you are literally deleting the old topic in the 1st table and creating a new one in the 2nd table, it’s “safe”. New topic id is created and other data is not expected to carry over (other than the author id which is identical).

    Email me the two different table names and I’ll try to come up with a custom query for you.



    By the way, it’s perfectly possible to create a subdomain mapping to the same single copy of bbPress so a single table is shared within the same copy.

    Just takes some additional mod_rewrite rules.

    Merging your two separate forums now however would be a boatload of work unfortunately.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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