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  • Thanks for the update, I really appreciate that. Keep it up :D


    I appreciate that, and there is no crisis, but it would be great if you could keep us updated on this site going forward :)

    Thanks for the link Gautam. I’m really looking forward to the plugin.

    I would however appreciate some more info on THIS site. It feels a bit strange that we don’t hear information like that on bbpress.org.


    This is probably not what you want, but I just recently made the switch from vBulletin to bbPress. I converted my vBulletin database to phpBB, and then I converted the phpBB database to bbPress. The only issue with this solution is that all your users have to choose “Recover password” the first time the try to log in on the new forum, because the passwords can’t be converted due to some password protocol phpBB or vBulletin uses.

    Everything else works great though, and I’m very happy with the switch.

    After lots of tried back and fourth I managed way that worked great.

    After the database was moved, I just registered a new user. Then I manually made that new user an admin via phpMyAdmin. I then logged in to the bbPress admin and manually created a password for my original user.

    I’m however the only one on the forum that doesn’t get an email. I suppose it’s because I had the ID of 1.

    Anyway, thanks for all your help.

    I had the same problem. After I had transfered all my bbPress users over to wp_users, I just logged back into the bbPress adminpanel, went to WordPress integration settings and just clicked saved again.

    Then all the user roles was correct and updated when I refreshed the WordPress adminpanel.

    I’ve now changed my user id to 1, and my email in phpMyAdmin. I then reset the password again, and it sends me an email with a link to reset my password, but when I press the link I just get this message; “You are not allowed to change your password.”

    Why is that? And is there a way I can manually set my user as an admin and manually create a password?

    Again, thanks for all help.

    I’ve checked the users table, and the email addresses are correct. I’ve now had three people test it, and the last one actually got the email with the new password.

    I’m using bbPress 1.0.2.


    The second test user also got the email. It seems like something happened to me, or me and the 29 first users. My ID is suddently 576, and it should be 1 I think.

    I managed to convert vBulletin to phpBB3, and then phpBB3 to bbPress.

    The users passwords however does not work, and I can’t seem to get the email when I try to reset it.

    I got all my users over, but the system never sends me an email when I try to to reset the password. Has anyone encountered that problem?

    Also, how may one copy users from the phpbb_users database to the bb_users database manually?

    Thanks for all help.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)