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bbPress role-changes does not transfer over to WP

  • When I change the user roles in WordPress the change does not transfer over to bbPress, and vice versa. I can still change the roles, but I have to do it as two places, which makes the whole integration worthless.

    Registrations in WP transfer over to bbPress (and vice versa) and logging in to WP let you login to bbPress so the cookies are working correctly. However new WP registrations does not assign a role in bbPress (unless I use the plugin).

    I have assigned the role map. I am using the bbPress Integration plugin. Not using deep integration. I have done pretty much every thing I could think of, but it’s not working.

    I’m using WP 2.9.2 and bbPress 1.0.2. WP and bbPress is sharing the same database.

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  • Ashfame


    you need to set them up under WordPress integration settings, only unassigned roles will be effected.

    which plugin are you using?



    why is akismet goin nuts over here?

    I tried downloaded and installing everything from the beginning. Untouched new WordPress 2.9.2 and bbPress 1.0.2.

    1. Install WP.

    2. Paste secret keys in wp-config.

    3. Install bbPress in another database with keys from wp-config. Set up seperate user database settings.

    4. Enable bbPress integration plugin in WP and paste code into wp-config.

    5. Set up role map in bbPress.

    Registered users in WP show up in bbPress, and registered users in bbPress how up in WP. Logins also work on both. But any changes to user roles does not transfer over to the other platform.

    So what am I doing wrong?



    Take a look at the second post. Members with existing role won’t be effected.

    I did set up the role map in bbPress WordPress integration during installation.

    I had the same problem but I didn’t know exactly what I did to fix it but try these.

    1. Try to go to Tools and recount everything.

    2. If that doesn’t work try this plugin:

    I tried both ways, gerikg. Still doesn’t work.

    I checked the database tables and it doesn’t update both wp_capabilities and bb_capabilities, just the one where I make the changes. Could it be a permissions problem somewhere?

    I have done countless reinstalls, I even tried the WP-3.0 betas, but it never works.

    I had the same problem. After I had transfered all my bbPress users over to wp_users, I just logged back into the bbPress adminpanel, went to WordPress integration settings and just clicked saved again.

    Then all the user roles was correct and updated when I refreshed the WordPress adminpanel.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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