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Converting vBulletin to bbPress

  • Hello,

    I have a website with WordPress as the mainsite and vBulletin as a forum. After doing lots of research on bbPress, I quickly understood that bbPress is far superior for my needs and would fit extremly well :)

    I do however have one problem, and that is that I have lots of users and posts that I can’t loose. I’d like to transfer my users login info as well as all the posts and threads.

    Are there any scripts for converting a vBulletin database to a bbPress database?

    Thanks for all help.

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  • I managed to convert vBulletin to phpBB3, and then phpBB3 to bbPress.

    The users passwords however does not work, and I can’t seem to get the email when I try to reset it.

    Rich Pedley


    check the users table, are the email addresses stored correctly?

    Which version of bbPress are you using?

    I’ve checked the users table, and the email addresses are correct. I’ve now had three people test it, and the last one actually got the email with the new password.

    I’m using bbPress 1.0.2.


    The second test user also got the email. It seems like something happened to me, or me and the 29 first users. My ID is suddently 576, and it should be 1 I think.

    Rich Pedley


    delayed email perhaps, and of course check your spam bin…

    1 is the standard for whoever set the forum up, check the user table and compare. Is row ID 1 also you? and do you still have full admin(keymaster) rights?

    I’ve now changed my user id to 1, and my email in phpMyAdmin. I then reset the password again, and it sends me an email with a link to reset my password, but when I press the link I just get this message; “You are not allowed to change your password.”

    Why is that? And is there a way I can manually set my user as an admin and manually create a password?

    Again, thanks for all help.

    Rich Pedley


    Check the usermeta table for user_id of 1

    You should hopefully see a meta_key of bb_capabilities

    and then the meta_value will be something like:


    Not sure its even possible to manually change a password any more.



    If you have id 1 you can use my fix-admin-access plugin.

    But any user id can be made keymaster.

    Might not just be delayed email, might be blocked by any number of antispam devices by accident.

    If you can, try an email address that would be served directly by the server itself – though I have found gmail is pretty darn smart about not blocking most emails (hotmail is the worst).

    After lots of tried back and fourth I managed way that worked great.

    After the database was moved, I just registered a new user. Then I manually made that new user an admin via phpMyAdmin. I then logged in to the bbPress admin and manually created a password for my original user.

    I’m however the only one on the forum that doesn’t get an email. I suppose it’s because I had the ID of 1.

    Anyway, thanks for all your help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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