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Integration problems

  • I installed bbp into a sub dir of my bog. configured config to reference my blog installed the wp plugin but cannot get the logins to sync. I do not have a my-plugins folder under bbp . Do I need to create that dir? Am I missing any steps. In my bbp db I have wp-users so I assume that it installed correctly for the intgration with WP. Any help would be appriciated.

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  • There have been quite a few issues lately getting this to work. maybe take a look at the following post:

    As well, click on the ‘integration’ tag at the top of main page, as there are many different things to try to get it going


    I followed all the directions in the documentation and the post you referenced. Whrere should the my-plugins folder reside?

    how dod i activate or install the plugins for bbp

    You just create a folder titled my-plugins in your bbpress directory and upload a plugin into it. There is no activation for them as in WP, they are active automatically once they’re in the folder.

    I apologize for the basic questions I am new to PHP . How does the wp DB talk to the bbP db. How do I get the app to call user information form the respective DB’s

    The plugins, especially bbpress-integration (goes in WP plugins and has option page once installed to choose bb_ as database prefix), tells bbPress to use the WordPress users. Therefore, if you login to each program (either/or), it uses the WP users. All registrations in bbPress make users in WP users. It is simple.

    As for the login working in both, the settings in config.php in bbPress tells bbPress to use the WP cookies so they share the same one. Therefore, both programs know to use the same user without having to login again.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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