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User management, WP and BBP

  • I am setting up a web site that has two main groups of users: The (WP) blog editors, and the readers, who are supposed to be able to make contributions through comments or in the forums. The registered WP users can use the bbPress forum seamlessly, however, there’s a bit of a problem on the other end, with the users who first register themselves in bbPress. It seems that when someone registers as a bbPress user, they are also automatically a WP user. This would be fine and dandy, if only their user level was set low enough to keep them out of the WP backend. But it doesn’t work like that. I’ve set the default user role for new users to “Subscriber”, but something in the communication between bbP and WP goes wrong, and they are granted some mutation of the administrator role instead: They aren’t able to publish, or edit posts from users with a higher level, but they can edit each others drafts, and they can change both their own and others user levels and passwords. Or edit the templates.

    So what I want is a way for registered WP-users to flow freely into bbPress, but not vice versa. I don’t want the forums users in the WP dashboard area at all. I’ve tried the bbpress-integration.php-plugin, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, its only option is to set the bbPress prefix to bb_ (the bbP-tables already has this).

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  • Go to the Users tab of your WordPress Admin panels.

    Under what role are these troublesome accounts listed?

    They are placed underneath the other users, and aren’t listed under any spesific roles. If I enter their user pages, “administrator” is what’s chosen in the drop-down menu, presumably bacause the drop down by its nature demands it to display something and “administrator” is first in the list, not because their role is really set to administrator.

    Now that gave me an idea of what I think is causing this. As mailing out passwords doesn’t work from this test system, I’ve had to manually edit the user settings in WP (using my admin account of course) in order to give them a new password. What might be causing this is that when I access their user page in order to set a password, the user is given admin status because sneakily enough, “Administrator” is what is selected in the drop down when I update.

    If bb_ really is your bbPress table prefix, and that is what is entered int the integration plugin page, users registering through bbPress should be given WordPress’ default role upon logging into WP for the first time.

    So I’m not sure what’s wrong exactly, but it may be caused by the stuff you’re doing manually (as you expect).

    I’m glad to have happened upon this thread, after reading it I decided to check my own and found if I registered through the forum the user was set to Administrator in WordPress.

    While I’m no coding expert, I’ve enough experience working with WordPress and all it takes to set things up to be quite sure I have not made an error somewhere.

    Just as hasund said above, the new user is listed in a separate section under Authors & Users in my WordPress Dashboard – at the bottom under all admins, subscribers, editors, etc. Their

    I’m using the Role Manager plugin, could that be causing the trouble? The only step from bbPress that I did not follow was the Pretty Permalinks; every other step, plugin, etc. I followed to a T.

    This is a very serious issue, my entire site would have been vulnerable had I not found this thread and gone ahead and opened my forums this weekend as planned. I’ve removed my register.php file for the time being. I already have some people using my forum, but they are trusted friends who already have some access to the main site anyhow, thank goodness.

    Are either of you using a translated version of bbPress, or are you both using English?

    I ask because I have heard of a strange thing or two with capabilities and non-enlish languages (though I’ve newer been able to confirm or reproduce).

    and M,

    Do you have the “bb-press integration” plugin installed in your WordPress blog?

    (the download link is way at the bottom)

    English, and yes I have the bbpress integration plugin installed in my wordpress plugins, as well as the display name plugin for bbpress.

    I have not yet upgraded wordpress to 2.0.5, am still running 2.0.4.

    Basically the same thing is happening to me. I have the bbpress integration plugin installed on my WordPress blog, but when I register on BBPress, no default role is assigned for that user in WordPress. When I look at the Users tab in WordPress, no group is identified for that new user.

    I upgraded from WP 2.0.2 to 2.0.5 and everything seems to work now with the user integration. Maybe it should say somewhere you need the latest version of WordPress.

    berg80, thanks for the info. The documentation has been updated:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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