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Bozo – what are the triggers?

  • I’m being marked as a bozo, and I’m the keymaster! I changed my title (misspelled a word, turning it into chatspeak) and since that is the only thing I changed I assume it to have caused bbPress to mark me as a bozo.

    Two of my users have had this happen as well, and unchecking the bozo box in the user profile does not reverse it for any of us. It always reverts back to bozo status.

    Is there a way of manually resetting the user’s status in the database? And can I edit a file to change what triggers the bozo status?

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  • rimianperkins


    have a look at the usermeta table in your database you might be able to alter the meta_value field. maybe you replied to a bozo topic? are you wearing a funny hat?

    also see bozo.php in your included folder

    Ah okay, finally found it when I searched by user id in the database, the bozo value wasn’t showing otherwise.

    If I’d removed my big red nose I’d have not missed the bozo.php when I poked through the includes folder.

    My knowledge of PHP is enough to not shoot myself in the foot. I don’t know enough to see what the triggers are, or what is causing the problem of not being able to take someone off bozo status from within their forum profile. Using the database to un-bozo someone is not very efficient, obviously.

    I’ve been having the same problem.

    It seems that setting the bozo value in the user admin to 0 has no effect, the users are still listed as bozos and still have bozo values of 1 when their admin page is re-accessed.




    I am also having this Bozo problem. I’m the key master and I’ve been turning into a bozo!

    When I go to the bozo list I’m not there, but my profile has the “1” setting for “This user is a bozo:”. No matter what I do I can’t get it keep my value as zero, it always reverts back to one.

    Does anyone have a fix for this? If so PLEASE post it, this is driving me bonkers. *honk honk*

    In the meantime (awaiting a fix), would it work for you just turning off akismet for now in the config.php? That way it can’t mark you as a bozo….?


    Trent you can also alternatively get rid of it all together just by taking this line out of bb-settings.php:

    require( BBPATH . BBINC . 'bozo.php');
    require( BBPATH . BBINC . 'akismet.php');

    It won’t lock up your new-topics which it actually auto deletes them and it gets really annoying after trying to fix it. So, I just got rid of it all together.

    Part of the fun with bbPress is that it actually supports Akismet.

    I tried to change the values for Bozo in the mySQL, but that did not work either.

    I fixed it finally by creating a new profile with “administrator” rights and I did checkmark the option to post more in 30 seconds, do not really know whether this is of influence, but is sounds as a logical parameter for spammers.

    Guess that you can also change the key user to “Admin”, but then changing back would only be possible through mysql…

    Will see how it holds for now.

    You can make your own measures. Its not exactly NEEDED and it gets really annoying.

    Well cheers theres your fix.

    Strange. All users on my forums got the This user is a bozo: "1", that doesn’t change no matter what I do. But still, all the topics created are visible and none of the users are listed in the Bozo-list.

    @altmejd: read the whole topic before posting, the answer is already in this topic.

    This is still happening. If a user is marked a bozo once, there’s some nook in the system that never allows him to post again without yelling “spam” unless you remove the meta record from bb_usermeta. Really annoying.

    Also anyone know why bozo status isn’t just a checkbox in the Kakumei theme??

    EDIT: Removing the meta tag didn’t work either :(

    Also. If you disable akismet, you can’t remove “spam” attributes off messages. Which is also annoying. In fact, the spam protection is getting almost as annoying as actual spam.

    In fact I think it’s akismet’s fault. If it detects what it thinks is a spam from a user once, it doesn’t forgive him. The administration process in bbpress is not interactive enough, with regard to akismet, to stop it.

    We can’t tell akismet “hey, this guy’s not a spammer, ease off a bit”.

    > Also anyone know why bozo status isn’t just a checkbox in the Kakumei theme??

    No, but there’s an input type=”text” instead. Go to the bozo’s profile, edit it and set the bozo status from 1 to 0, then save.

    (Also, the original problem in this thread is now irrelevant because bb has been updated. I assume your problem is a different one from M and the others.)

    Hi Fel64, I’m having the same problem as the rest i.e I’ve changed the bozo status to 0 but can never save these changes. The user will revert back to “1” again no matter what I do.

    What did I do wrong?

    Gostallion, got the latest bb?

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