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  • Hi guys,

    We made a premium bbPress spam killer Plugin. It kills spam dead!

    The concept is loosely based around our own ideas and automatting some of Anointed’s ideas.

    The Spam Killer Plugin saves us a lot of time and money. Since the spam problem has cost us such a lot of time and money;

    a) removing spam daily

    b) testing many plugins that did not work

    c) and finally building a new Plugin which took many many hours that fixes our problem

    … we have decided to make it a premium plugin for sale on our site.




    We’ve made what you described into a Plugin. At least a good chunk of it – will keep you posted :)


    500+ spams in the last 6 days. The spammers are now experimenting with cloned text and board-relevant titles, with the ‘watch’ link at the bottom of post. Looking forwards to the lockout solution being implemented….

    I think we need Anointed’s user process turned into a Plugin. We’re going to look at this later today…

    Would you consider making that as a Plugin?

    I was talking to a security specialist about this type of thing and he said that a lot of other forum solutions offer this in a comparable fashion. I’m not going to use anything else though… I’m a WordPress guy :P

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    God damn them!! Is nothing sacred!!!

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    Hey John. Sorry just spotted your reply….

    We’re getting nailed by spam and its not good. Michelle was going to post the following but I decided to copy it here instead:

    We have a huge problem with spam! (40+ posts a day) We have tried quite a few things to try and get rid of this problem but nothing seems to be working.

    Currently our site is running the latest version of BB-Press we have the Akismet plugin activated and running we also have the Stop Spammer Registrations reCAPTCHA plugin for new user registration.

    We have in the past tried the reCaptcha for bbPress 2.0 this didn’t make much difference and we couldn’t use this plugin with the spammer registration one so have removed it for now.

    We are running out of ideas and things to try so are reaching out to you guys for some help or suggestions, have we missed something or can anyone recommend a solution to all this spam.

    My solution and best thinking involved finding the spammers in the real world and removing their hands as punishment :P

    If there is somebody out there who knows PHP that wants to join this project let me know #joboffer

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    In reply to: Spam, and other issues

    Dan Milward


    This happened to us too. BIG TIME.

    Make sure you turn off xmlrpc. Pippin (google him) wrote a Plugin that worked for us. It is a pretty serious issue though because if left unattended you might loose your SEO ranking.

    Dan Milward


    Thanks for the feedback buddy.

    Looking forward to seeing Infinity. Want to add us to the Beta list ;)

    Dan Milward


    Thanks man… We fight for the user.

    Dan Milward


    That is a really good idea.

    I wonder if it would make more sense to add hooks or filters so that it could be made to integrate with the Achievements Plugin?

    Would that be cool?


    If people think that is cool then we should probably find a developer willing to do a days worth of paid work on this to make this and all the other suggestions happen :)

    We’ll get there but we’re in the middle of updating another Plugin right now.

    I don’t suppose you could add those changes and provide us with a diff? We could merge your work into core push out another release.

    That does make any sense to me in this context :P

    That would definitely need to be an option – in our case we wouldn’t want that because people on our forums are using a search widget for forum specific information.

    Oh yeah. We’ve been thinking about what additional widgets might be useful to administrators.

    I really love how on git you can 1 click find all your milestones… in our case I’m thinking 1 click to show you all the threads that belong to you. And in git I totally love it the way it displays issues that have passed the due date. We should do something like that for unresolved topics over xxx days old.

    I don’t suppose you’re a programmer willing to join the team :D

    To be honest folks, I’d say that based on all the feedback there is another days worth of work. But I can’t guarantee we’re going to be able to put that day aside until later next week or the week after. Our #1 priority right now is the next getshopped.org update.

    So if there are any hard core devs out there that love open source… let me know!!

    Thanks for the Plugin!!

    I hope this Plugin keeps growing and evolving – there is totally a need for this!!

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll forward this page onto Michelle who is doing the dev inhouse and we’ll have a conversation about it and get back to you all as soon as possible.

    We’ll get the translation stuff done in the next build. Its stuff we definitely know how to do – we setup languages.getshopped.org for WP e-Commerce Plugin so we’ll just add this as an additional project there when we get a chance. I like the idea of doing that sooner rather then later so that people can collaborate with us.

    Maybe we’ll move it to git as well. Would that be handy?

    -Dan “fights for the users” Milward

    Thanks dude. I’ve always appreciated your feedback. I think this Plugin kicks ass…

    The bbPress 2x Support Plugin has been updated. Its quite a powerful little Plugin now.

    For more information:



    We’re also building another VIP Support Plugin that will allow users to post to your bbPress Support Forums from within their WordPress dashboard.

    Please remember these Plugin’s do not take us away from developing the WP e-Commerce Plugin – we’re making these bbPress Plugins for our own website and we are using it ourselves to help the WP e-Commerce Plugin community. Because…


    We Heart Open Source!

    Have you tried it in bbPress?

    @miruru I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if BuddyPress was installed.

    If you could provide us any patches that would be awesome.

    Are you a bbPress developer?

    Hey Guys. We’re adding some VIP functionality to this. Probably as a new add-on Plugin.

    As a site owner you’ll be able to setup a support forum AND distribute a plugin that allows your users to see their posts and make bbPress posts from their WP dashboard.

    Do you think there is a demand for this?

    Cool. I’m game and have some cash to burn so if you want this or if somebody else wants this then please reply :)

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