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New: Support Forums Plugin

  • Hey Guys.

    We’ve made a new Support Forums Plugin for bbPress 2. It is something we made for our own website, and want to share with the greater WordPress community, as we improve it on our site we’ll release the changes accordingly. We’re probably going to put it on a git repository at some point too so that should somebody want to contribute they can.

    The Support Plugin will allow you to turn all (or some) of your forums into Support Forums. With this Plugin you can implement and display user ranks, you have full control over the user ranking system including how many topics and replies need to be created for the user to go up a rank as well as custom titles relevant to your forums for each rank.

    With this Plugin you can also set statuses for your topics and control who can update these, very key to a support forum, your posters will be able to tell what topics are resolved or not resolved right away.

    Please let us know what you think on our blog as we spend more time on our own website.


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  • Oh yeah. We’ve been thinking about what additional widgets might be useful to administrators.

    I really love how on git you can 1 click find all your milestones… in our case I’m thinking 1 click to show you all the threads that belong to you. And in git I totally love it the way it displays issues that have passed the due date. We should do something like that for unresolved topics over xxx days old.




    Please consider adding the topic status to the topic_class()

    This will make it very easy for me to style resolved/not-resolved differently to give it a little flair.

    It would also be nice to not have the ‘urgent/resolved/etc’ placed before the topic title. Provide an off switch and a function where I can simply place the code where I want it to show up.

    *I can do that myself, but it would make upgrades difficult

    We’ll get there but we’re in the middle of updating another Plugin right now.

    I don’t suppose you could add those changes and provide us with a diff? We could merge your work into core push out another release.




    If I figure it out then I’ll submit the changes. It’s kinda low on my list as I have so much else to finish up, but I do indeed want to learn how to do it so I will try.

    I know how to easily add classes to the wp post_class, but it is not the same on the bbPress topic classes. Time for me to keep digging around to learn how to modify the function to work like it does with wp.

    *I’m using the plugin over at and it works great. Nice, simple little plugin, thnx

    This plugin looks super useful. I’ve installed it and am poking around it. I wonder- can ranks be made for conditions other than post count? I use a lot of ranks that are related to being part of a group, or a role if necessary. (Other than moderator/admin)

    That is a really good idea.

    I wonder if it would make more sense to add hooks or filters so that it could be made to integrate with the Achievements Plugin?

    Would that be cool?

    If people think that is cool then we should probably find a developer willing to do a days worth of paid work on this to make this and all the other suggestions happen :)

    Great this plugin surpasses my imagination about what bbpress can be use. Thanks.

    Thanks man… We fight for the user.



    Hiya Dan,

    Thanks a lot for creating this plugin! We’re using it on our community forums to provide support for Infinity (open source WP Theming Engine), and it does exactly what we need.

    I think adding support for Achievements from Paul, is a great idea, and I think it makes a lot more sense then “bloating” the plugin itself. Hooking into Achievements and registering new ways for people to earn awards should be pretty straightforward :-)

    Once again; awesome work!

    Thanks for the feedback buddy.

    Looking forward to seeing Infinity. Want to add us to the Beta list ;)

    I’ll do my best to try and find some time this weekend to install the plugin and report back what I find. I did read through the code, but have not yet done anything with it.

    Sorry, no idea about devs, everyone I know is absolutely slammed right now. Will keep an ear out though.

    *I’ve got my hands absolutely full with the new importer and building the supporting site for it. After that, projects are still lined up…

    If there is somebody out there who knows PHP that wants to join this project let me know #joboffer



    Is this plugin still being worked on, or is it doa?

    Or, is there a replacement that is further along in development?

Viewing 13 replies - 26 through 38 (of 38 total)
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