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  • Can I restrict access to WP backend?

    Yes you can – I implemented this on my web – but you need to hack some wp files and it is not an esy job.

    I posted about this issue in the thread that Matt opened but my post was deleted. Sometimes I think it is a taboo in the world of wp.

    Can I make use of all of WP plugins and will it run harmoniously with bbPress?

    Yes because after integration, wp and bbpress keep their own tables and plugin folders, the only thing that share is the users table. You can go further but it’s up to you.

    Integration allows bbpress to use wppress user database so whenever an user logs in any, wp or bb, he stay logged in and he can post in both, wp and bb.

    In reply to: Future of bbPress

    Strategically the most important thing we need to figure out is how to integrate bbPress better with WP more for people who want that — right now it’s easier to use one of the WP plugins for forums than bbPress.

    You have told it yourself, just turn bbpress into a wppress plugin. Actually, you can turn wppress into a forum with plugins like tdo-mini-forms. So, you could be including a forum with the next version of wp in a matter of minutes with a couple of silly tweaks. I’ve been on the point of doing this myself several times, I don’t know why I keep on struggling with bbpress integration.

    Well, Opera browser is returning thie error message

    Warning: parse_url(/forums/bb-login.php?re= [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse url in /forums/bb-includes/ on line 393

    and in line 393 is get path_function

    I have just change the domain name of my wp-bbpress integration and I have the very same problem O_O

    Before changing the domain name all worked fine. I deactivated and reactivated the wp integration plugin, I checked all the .htaccess, config files, I disabled the integration but same behaviour.

    Now I’m looking at the database but I still don’t catch the fail.

    This other nice trick by you doesn’t work either from the wp comments template;

    global $wpdb;
    $result=$wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM bb_posts WHERE poster_id = $user_id AND post_status = 0");
    echo $result;

    No errors though. I tried replacing poster_id with wp comment_author_id but it didn’t make it.

    What I was trying to do is to put the the whole count of wp comments and bbpress posts all together.

    The previous question was because I produced a hit counter that runs for both; wp and bbpress. I added the total hits of the bbpress post views plugin to the wp counterize plugin. It works but I think I did this by the hard way.

    Ok, thanks for your help :) I’m going to try more of these queries. I find them very useful to integrate small details.

    That is with bbPress 1.0 right? the object_type is for 1.0

    Yes, it is bb 1.06a with wp 2.7 :)

    I tried with get_var and I get the same error for get_var;

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_var() on a non-object in….

    but then I changed $bbdb for $wpdb and it works. Why? I don’t understand this.

    I need more info than “didn’t work”

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_results() on a non-object in wordpress/wp-content/themes/mytheme/header.php on line 149 (line where I placed the code)

    Try replacing $bbdb with $wpdb

    no error but what I want is to query bbpress data base. Whenever I echo $results there is no answer.

    and remember to use $wpdb on WordPress pages, vs $bbdb on bbPress pages

    I want to query $bbdb from a wp page. In particular, I want to fetch the total amount of views from your bb Topic Views plugin. This code didn’t work;

    global $bbdb;
    $results=$bbdb->get_results("SELECT SUM(meta_value) FROM bb_meta WHERE object_type='bb_topic' AND meta_key='views'");

    WordPress is installed in /wordpress/ and bbpress in /wordpress/bbpress/ both deep integrated. What’s missing?



    The main difference that is coming is the ability to change the directory names, e.g…

    Can potentially be…

    It would be nice if the /forum/ could be totally removed :)



    Mmmmh… in my forum, google indexed the information that the header was showing when the thread was posted; date, web age, moon phase, hit counter count and next, the thread title and the title of the first sticky :/ Great work.

    Now, is there any bbpress plugin that can insert meta tags in the wp header after a deep integration? just like the all in one seo wp plugin?

    In reply to: Let ask again …

    Does bbPress have a future?

    I can’t foretell if bbpress has future but it does have a long past, there were times in the past when it had less future than now and it’s still here, therefore, we can assure it has future. So spoke Groucho.

    Answer 2; It has future because Sam is working on it and it is being developed better than ever before.

    Ipstenu; I’m not requesting at all :) just suggesting in case CK has another inspired day and has an unrestrained need of writing another guide. Just that, no demand.

    You can’t document something until it’s in a stable state.

    we could call it “document of the unstable” XD I have a suggestion for chapter two; a juicy thread on producing custom loops.

    I am on the verge of writing something about my experience of creating a bbPress plugin as a set of guideposts for others to make use of

    I’m pretty sure your guide will be very welcome ;-)

    In reply to: Let ask again …

    oh came on, everybody knows there is only one developer working on this project, you can’t demand so much. I’m very glad with what has been done so far. I have a wp-bbpress integration running again and it is thanks to Sam, so the only word I can say is thanks.

    I guess this thread should be addressed right to Automattic; “hey Matt, we love bbpress, send more resources here”.

    You can either use this wp plugin;

    or you can follow the guidelines provided here;

    Here’s how to show bbPress info inside WordPress without full integration

    sorry for the triple post! I have no idea what happened

    triple-response available upon request if needed ;-)

    Having profile pages indexed, doesn’t that devaluate once’s website/forum rankings?

    Oops, this is quite interesting, does anybody have a “SEO friendly” robots.txt for bbpress? Any suggestion on what should be disallowed?

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    I don’t get it. I’m using topic_tags and [X] won’t delete any tag.

    a nice substitute for some weighty bbPress documentation in the meantime

    Actually some of us are looking forward the next chapter ;-) This one should go to the “documentation” section as an entry or something like this.

    Right now there is only one person working on the bbPress core and I wouldn’t go distracting him with stuff like this when there is plenty of far more serious work to be done.

    I get lost. What does Sam have to do with all of this? The one who is going to produce the plugin for himself is the one that is interested in the plugin.

    In reply to: post count – 1

    The problem with adding a filter is that you lose the function for counting the total amount of posts.

    How can you convert nolageek code into a new function “topic_replies”? ;

    function bb_decrement( $value ) {
    return $value-1;
    add_filter( 'get_topic_posts', 'bb_decrement', 1);
    function bb_decrement_topic( $value ) {
    global $forum;
    return $value;
    function bb_decrement_forum( $value ) {
    global $forum;
    return $value-get_forum_topics();
    add_filter( 'get_topic_posts', 'bb_decrement_topic', 1);
    add_filter( 'get_forum_posts', 'bb_decrement_forum', 1);

    Uh, you are talking about text in the core?

    Not possible to change via a plugin.

    Why not? In another thread Sam suggested to do so. I have stuff that I need to change in and and So far I’ve been editing these files but It should be more convenient to do the changes with a plugin/functions.php

    You can create a function to remove wanna and add something new. This is an example that Ipstenu provided in another thread;

    // This sets closed lable to read as 'read only' instead of 'closed'
    remove_filter('bb_topic_labels', 'bb_closed_label');
    function my_closed_label( $label ) {
    global $topic;
    if ( '0' === $topic->topic_open )
    return sprintf(__('[Read Only] %s'), $label);
    return $label;
    add_filter('bb_topic_labels', 'my_closed_label');

    1 You find the function where “wanna” is.

    2 Next, you copy/paste the function between remove/add filter lines of the code above.

    3 Modify the copy-pasted function; change “wanna” for “want to”

    4 Then, rename that function with a new name, ie “no_wanna”

    5 Change accordingly the remove/add lines

    6 Finally, place the whole code in a plugin or a functions.php in the template folder.

    Another option is probably using a language file but I don’t know if you can set an english-english file.

    oops, you’re right, sorry :) I just missed it because I was editing 4-5 files at the same time. Got it.

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