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  • Superb post! :)

    I followed your guide and a have a last 10 posts query working in my worldwide famous 404 page.

    Regarding your last code, if you are quering bbpress database, don’t you want a global $BBdb; instead of global $wpdb; and a $results=$BBdb instead of $results=$wpdb ?

    BTW, how do you query all ‘views’ fields that bb topic views plugin adds to bb_meta table? If we sum up the value stored in all those field we have a hit counter.

    I tested this plugin and it is working on my live installation now.

    I think front-page pagination should be added to the core. It is a great enhancement.

    Thanks for the fix, I will check it asap. In my case, I need to use 1.0a6 because I deep-integrated with wp.

    BTW, I couldn’t make topic views plugin work neither.

    *need code for last 10 posts loop in 404 page

    Ahhh, he istalled wp plugins in bbpress folder. Sorry, my post was referring to wp plugins that are installed in wp plugins. Some of them cause errors when you browse bbpress.

    BBpress 1.06a and Topic views plugin 1.6.3. I couldn’t paginate last posts in front-page.php

    If you know how, please share some knowledge :) What I wanted is to have an unlimited number of posts in the front-page loop and set a pagination. I think this feature would be a great improvement for bbpress.

    I’m interested too in a last 10 posts loop for my 404 page :)

    There is a bunch of wp plugins that doesn’t work with bbpress. You click whatever bbpress link and you find out that you have installed a wp plugin that doesn’t work with bbpress. Last one I found was wp “Feed statistics”, it causes an error whenever you click a view in the views section.

    As far as I know, you need to use Topics-per-page plugin. I tried and I couldn’t make it work.

    I didn’t try it but perhaps with htaccess you could allow images only from some image servers like or flirk

    I agree, hot linking is not acceptable. Just imagine that you a re the hot linked one and a post with your hot linked images goes to digg number 1.

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    Thanks Ipstenu :)

    I do not catch the first line; remove_filter(‘bb_topic_labels’, ‘bb_closed_label’);

    bb_closed_label is the function that you are going to replace, but what is bb_topic_labels and where do you get it?

    I want to replace post_form, bb_tag_heat_map and bb_paginate_links functions

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    You can place modifications in a plugin or in a functions.php file in your theme.

    I have no idea about how to do this but if somebody put me on the trail I’m pretty sure I’ll manage. How can I replace some functions from and with a plugin?

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    it is but it didn’t work for me

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    BTW, I just tried to remove a tag and it says that I can’t because the topic “is closed” when it actually is not :s

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    Thanks for the fix :)

    I have and modified because there are some stuff that is related with the template; h2 tag, tag cloud size, « Previous and a &hellip for pagination…

    Could it be possible to move this stuff to the template folder? perhaps in a functions.php file?

    2. Delete entries from db… which ones?

    -> those that start by bb

    Remove the wp plugin and undo any change to the wp config.php. Actually these changes don’t do any harm as far as I know.

    In reply to: tag remove fail

    I think it is not fixed. I have the same problem with 1.06a.

    This will never happen because it’s physically impossible as the code is designed.

    Ok :) then the plugin will have to put wp inside bbpress but I still think that it will be a bbpress plugin.

    I even could think in another solution; turning wp comment system into a forum. You only had to allow all members to post in the wp blog, make a custom category for them and a custom template for that category. There would be no front-page though.

    BTW, _ck_, could you please tell us how did you add pagination to front-page latest posts in your bbpress showcase? :)

    regarding the post_author_link issue, I solve it, you need to change post_author_link for topic_author.

    This link is ver handy;

    Nevertheless, I don’t know if it is kept up to date.

    BTW, I changed post_author_link for post_author_id and all IDs appears as zero.

    check the bb_topics table in that db and check what it says for the ‘topic_poster_name’ column

    Checked. Below topic_poster and topic_poster_name columns are all the right starter user IDs and usernames.

    With the default theme I have the same error. Actually, my custom theme is a stripped kakumei :(

    The default kakumei template has no post_author_link in front-page.php or forum.php. Perhaps it is that post_author_link doesn’t work anymore inside the forum loop because the topic loop is different.

    I just checked both. I removed the language file and the same error.

    For showing the topic starter I have <?php post_author_link(); ?> in my template. Is this wrong?

    You’re using an anon-posting plugin?

    No, I didn’t start to install plugins yet, only bbsmilies is engaged.

    I understand famous point of view because I was there too. I’m pretty sure that sooner or later it will be a plugin to give bbpress all mainstream forums features.

    Another thing that I believe it is that sooner or later bbpress will have a wp plugin version or that it will be a plugin bridge to put it inside of wordpress.

    I did a second test using my live installation and it worked. A new user registered through wp and after login he appears as member in the bbpress control panel.

    However, since 1.05a all new posts appears as started by “anonymous” user. I do know what to check to correct this behavior.

    I tested 1.06a integration. I created a new user through wordpress and he can post in bbpress.

    Let’s see if anybody can confirm this.

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