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  • _ck_ I’d love to use that fix but it seems to interfere with “freshly baked cookies” plugin. It spawns several PHP warnings when trying to logout. Something along the lines of:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/public_html/forum/my-plugins/page-links-for-bbpress/page-links.php:74) in /home/public_html/forum/bb-includes/pluggable.php on line 242

    Works flawlessly now. Great thanks for that neat plugin and for the support. I am also in favor of keeping lightweight standalone bbPress :)

    I should really consider learning how to use subversion :) I’ll try that and post the result shortly.

    phpinfo() tells me that PHP is Version 5.2.13

    Now, pretend I am crazy and tripple check the settings at the top



    The two keys and salts are the same. Keys I get from wp-config.php and salts from wp-admin/options.php.

    take a REALLY good look at the cookie data – it changes between bbPress and WP but really only two parts should change, the expire date and the hash. So between the last | in the data

    How the hash forms is still not quite clear to me, but obviously that’s where the issue lies. I notice that it’s different every time I log in (no matter from which side). I if log in/out of WP 10 times I get 10 different hashes. But maybe that’s the normal way.

    Other things to note:

    * I am using year long cookies plugin on the bbPress side

    * bbPress has a trailing slash in these settings:

    $bb->wp_siteurl = 'http://dev.example.net/';
    $bb->wp_home = 'http://dev.example.net/';

    whereas WP has them without the slash:

    define('WP_HOME', 'http://dev.example.net');
    define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://dev.example.net');

    * as you can see I am doing this on a dev subdomain and not on the live site. Even though I did test it on the live site(with the main domain) too and the result was the same

    * the lines you mentioned in the plugin did not match: I had that code on lines 70 and 83

    * define('AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION', 2 ); should be added at the top of _freshly-baked-cookies.php, right? I did not exist there in the plugin download, so I added it before starting the tests

    Thanks a lot for helping out

    That sounds great but after nearly 3 hours of attempting to get it working… I just feel too tired to keep trying.

    I’ve set everything as per the instructions (cookiedomains, hashes, etc.).

    Both WP and bbPress are generating cookies with the same names and same paths.

    But by some unknown (to me) force they refuse to recognize each other’s cookies – when I log into one of them I get thrown out of the other.

    It’s bbPress 0.9.6 with WP 2.9.2

    Maybe I’ll try on clean installs tomorrow…

    I just don’t have a clue what’s wrong :(

    Just came to my mind that bbPress does not support bbCode without a plugin.

    But the good thing is that this technique can be easily adopted for use with HTML input by simply changing the toolbar set used by markItUp.

    woot – that zaerl editor is right on the point, I hadn’t noticed it before. You could also check out this topic on how to implement markItUp as editor for bbPress:


    The explanation is for bbCode, but it could be easily changed for HTML input.

    A well written post too!

    Thanks! Just a bit too many links for Akistmet though ;)

    And of course it could not be seen in action on my forum, because it is visible only to logged in users… silly me :)

    The bbpress.org forums could also use a simple toolbar. Not so sophisticated but at least like the one on wordpress.org

    It would be great if you could share some of that unified profile page know-how. I am also planing to build something like that.

    I’d give you a piece of design advise for that website – do not use monospace font for body text – it is a pain to read.

    In reply to: Compatibility ….

    I’d also like to keep 0.9 for the plugins. So far I’ve had it working fine integrated with a WP 2.9.2 but I wan’t to have WP 3.0. Unfortunately on my test install I can’t get the cookies to sync.

    Anyone had any experience with WP 3.0 beta and bbPress 0.9.6?

    I also dig that design very much and was expecting it real soon.

    Too bad Automattic folks aren’t interested… or maybe they’ve got something else in mind:


    This appeared on the newly launched wp-ui mailing list.

    Yes, in my case user statuses were preserved. I have done just basic testing so far but things are looking good for me and soon I’ll be doing it on the live site.

    I am currently attempting something similar. I have an integrated WP and bbPress but want to switch to WPMU. I’ve successfully imported the user tables through phpMyAdmin. There are three columns you need to add to the wp_users table:

    display_name - varchar(250) - blank default value
    spam - tinyint(2) - default value = 0
    deleted - tinyint(2) - default value = 0

    And in wp_usermeta table you need to do a SQL search and replace to change all values that have wp_ to wp_1_ (because the main blog in WPMU has got that table prefix)

    UPDATE wp_posts SET meta_key = replace(meta_key, 'wp_','wp_1_');

    this is a popular demand…

    maybe take a look at some old threads, like this one:


    I guess the most simple (and painless) way to do this will be to redirect/rewrite the profile URL from bbPress to point to the profile URL in WordPress.

    You can reference the profile by the ID – in bbPress it goes like http://example.com/bbpress/profile.php?id=1 and it is equivalent to http://example.com/wordpress/?author=1

    You just need some .htaccess magic :)

    Ivaylo Draganov


    well, I found out part of the solution myself. The code in the plugin is quite simple and it actually uses the same bbPress function that generates in-topic pagination (paginate_links).

    And that function has several parameters on of which is show_all – set that to false and it will not print all the links but just the links relative to the current page.

    Setting the current page for the plugin is also through a parameter – current which is set to 0. That way we get a link only to the last page but it still is better that having a long row of useless page links.


    So, I cracked some more of it. I wanted to make it display links only to the firs page and to the last 2-3 pages. So the current parameter had to be somehow dynamically set to last page + 1 to trick the function. Here is the code I used (starting line 74 of the plugin):

    $links = paginate_links(
    'base' => $uri,
    'format' => bb_get_option('mod_rewrite') ? '/page/%#%' : '%#%',
    'total' => ceil($posts/$perPage),
    'current' => ceil($posts/$perPage) + 1,
    'show_all' => false,
    'type' => 'array'

    And it works =) We get links to the first page and to the last two pages.

    * if you set current to 1 you’ll get links to pages 2,3,4 and the last page which is also usable.

    Ivaylo Draganov


    Hey, anybody still using that plugin? I mean – anybody with a bbPress 0.9 install…

    Because I’d like to know if someone can help me with a little improvement. The plugin works great except for that it shows all the pages for a topic. And certain topics have more that 20-30 pages!

    So I wonder if it is not too hard to make that plugin display links only to the first page and the last 4-5 pages? Just like the default in-topic pagination.

    I wonder if it is possible to port that functionality directly form bbPress 1.0?


    Ivaylo Draganov


    this version does not work correctrly on bbPress 0.9 branch. I get these PHP Warnings:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for bb_get_topic_tags(), called in /.../forum/my-plugins/bb-seo-tools.php on line 102 and defined in /.../forum/bb-includes/functions.php on line 1058

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../forum/my-plugins/bb-seo-tools.php on line 105

    Ivaylo Draganov


    does the new version work on bbPress 0.9?

    I also had the problem with international characters and I think I solved it the same way (using wp_specialchars)

    In reply to: Bulgarian translation

    да, за заповедната форма си прав, но не се сещам дали съм следил за това…

    оправих и другата дреболия :) всичко е в SVN вече

    Hi, do you notice the little -moz thing in front of the CSS property? That is an internal Firefox only CSS property. IE does not support rounded borders at all (and maybe will not soon). Safari on the other hand and all other webkit based browsers (Chrome, Konqueror) do support it via their own special CSS properties.

    So for Safari(and Chrome) the code will be:

    -webkit-border-radius: 6px;

    for Konqueror (not very widespread but anyway):

    -khtml-border-radius: 6px;

    and since rounded borders are a property from the upcoming CSS3, here you have the standard definition (which you should also include for the bright moment in the future when all browsers will natively support it):

    border-radius: 6px;

    Of course using these properties will render your CSS invalid in the W3C validator.

    Extended info on CSS3 border-radius:


    Cheers :)

    Pssst! But hey – is that a bbPress issue? And why post in “Installation” subforum?

    In reply to: Bulgarian translation

    Благодаря за корекциите :)

    [залепена] ми харесва

    а на българските форуми на wordpress.org е използвано [важно], което носи повече смисъл, макар да е разлино от [sticky]

    “Your attempt to … has failed.” – за превода на тези фрази се водих от превода в WordPress, за да е един и същ стандарта

    In reply to: Bulgarian translation

    Не държа – пропуснал съм няколко низа, в които го има, защото съм търсил за “впис”, а то имало и “впиш” тук-таме ;)

    Ще го оправя при следващото качване, когато трябва да завърша и на 100% превода.

    Аз го изпробвах веднъж от край до край, ама със сигурност има разни дребни неща :)

    In reply to: Bulgarian translation

    Translations for branches 0.9 and 1.0 updated! Available in the SVN repository:



    Ами, радвайте :) Преоводите са вече в официалното хранилище. За версия 1.0 е 98% завършен, но непреведените неща се виждат само при инсталиране на bbPress.

    Ще гледам да го поддържам занапред :)

    In reply to: theme without table ?

    It is possible to make a theme that does not use tables. bbPress is very flexible with themes. I am not aware if there exists one though…

    But it uses tables by default because the list of topics and forums is in fact tabular data. I think it has nothing to do with table-based web-design of the 90’s (if that’s your concern).

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