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Important update for bbpress seo tools

  • Olaf Lederer


    While this plugin is not available on the bbpress site, I post this information here to reach as many user as possible:

    Just noticed that the old version of the bbpress SEO pluging doesn’t work with the current bbpress version (1.02).

    Because the old method to handle and meta keywords stopped working we did a quick update.

    This is a required update for user of bbpress 1.x!

    Using the old version with bbpress 1.x will result in loosing rankings search engine result pages!

    What is changed:

    • We fixed the code that is responsable for the meta keywords and the “noindex” option.
    • Optimizations of the admin page (information, spellcheck).

    Download the new version here:

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  • it works well for me.

    Olaf Lederer


    The new version is fine, it’s just the old version :) if you update you’re fine

    Works, but finnsih ä, ö, å and Ä, Ö, Å does’nt work. Any help?

    Olaf Lederer


    which encoding do you use utf-8?

    and please send me your URL


    My forum is bbPress 1.0.2 and url is

    Thank you. :)

    PS: There is ä and ö. And in many others topics.

    Olaf Lederer



    locate in the plugin file the function

    function create_seo_meta_txt($content) {
    $raw = str_replace(PHP_EOL, ' ', strip_tags($content));
    $raw = str_replace(' ', ' ', $raw);
    $snippet = substring_words($raw, 120, '');
    return htmlentities($snippet, ENT_QUOTES);

    and replace “htmlentities” with “wp_specialchars”.

    Let me know if this works for you. This plugin is a little quick and dirty for these functions :)

    The seo plugin for wordpress has for internationalization huge blocks of code :)

    Thank you for fast help. This works good now. :)

    Olaf Lederer


    Great than it’s time to change that :)

    does the new version work on bbPress 0.9?

    I also had the problem with international characters and I think I solved it the same way (using wp_specialchars)

    Olaf Lederer



    I used the almost the same version before for bbpress 0.9, it’s just the one important change for old users upgraded to 1.0. Just try it or better upgrade to bbpress 1.02

    it works fine for me

    this version does not work correctrly on bbPress 0.9 branch. I get these PHP Warnings:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for bb_get_topic_tags(), called in /.../forum/my-plugins/bb-seo-tools.php on line 102 and defined in /.../forum/bb-includes/functions.php on line 1058

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../forum/my-plugins/bb-seo-tools.php on line 105

    Olaf Lederer


    @dragunoff, upgrade to the latest bbpress version :)

    Usign bb-seo-tools 1.02:

    * Plugin Name: bbpress SEO tools

    * Plugin Description: Optimize your page titels and meta tags with this simple SEO plugin.

    * Author: Olaf Lederer (

    * Author URI:

    * Plugin URI:

    * Version: 1.02

    But getting these warnings upon reading a forum post:

    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /home/…/public_html/forum/my-plugins/bb-seo-tools.php on line 178

    Using bbPress 1.0.2

    It’s not my site but you can see the warning in action here at the moment:

    Looks like

    $row = $bbdb->get_row(“

    SELECT um.meta_value AS role

    FROM $bbdb->users AS u, $bbdb->usermeta AS um

    WHERE u.ID = um.user_id

    AND um.meta_key = ‘bb_capabilities’

    AND u.user_status = 0

    AND u.ID = $user_id


    returns NULL

    I temporarly fixed this by adding:

    if(is_array($arr)) { on line 177

    and a closing bracket } on line 186 just before return $is_mod.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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