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themed bbpress intergration

  • Damien


    I’ve made a clone of a image rating/sharing website working with wordpress, of all things, with a few custom plugins etc… and needing a 100% integrated forum to go with all it bbpress was the obvious choice. I’ve managed to roll it all up so you do everything from a custom wordpress profile page and upload avatars and stuff that can be used sitewide. I never want my users seeing a wordpress or bbpress admin/profile edit page, it must all run with the site’s main theme.

    I started again with the theme so it fits the site (it’s very basic, and nothing much is visible to unregistered users) and it’s been fun & frustrating getting things working how I’d like. I guess when bbpress is released as a wp plugin in future I get to bang my head on the desk all over again.

    I still have a hell of a lot of things to do anyways. Some of the stuff on the main site is nsfw, so yeah.

    here’s the forum inside the wp theme so far

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  • It would be great if you could share some of that unified profile page know-how. I am also planing to build something like that.

    I’d give you a piece of design advise for that website – do not use monospace font for body text – it is a pain to read.



    The theme is based on a few functions lifted from classipress which provide a profile management page via wp theme pages rather then some god awful admin edit page.

    As for bbress, I just re-coded all profile links to point at the wp profile, like

    <a href="/people/<?php post_author(); ?>"><?php post_author_avatar(); ?></a>

    I redirect registrations back to wp and I use the same DB for the forums and wordpress, so I just run some sql here and there pulling what I need displayed in wordpress from the forum and vice versa.

    I need to put the bb profile info such as last posts, subscribed etc etc into my wordpress author pages, I think it should be possible – everything else has worked eventually.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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