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Import bbpress users into buddypress?

  • Hard Seat Sleeper


    I have a wp blog and a bbpress forum and I want to integrate them both into buddypress, so that the whole site works together, rather than each section operating independantly.

    So my idea is to import all my bbpress users into my wp-mu installation. Does that sound sane? I have 5000 users in my bbpress, I’d hate to cut them off.

    First things first, bbpress has a display_name field that’s empty. This is used in wp-mu, so I guess I will have to put something there.

    Has anyone ever attempted this before? It seems like a lot of work to go through to do something that should be relatively cut and dried.

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  • +1 for this question. I would also like to know..

    I am currently attempting something similar. I have an integrated WP and bbPress but want to switch to WPMU. I’ve successfully imported the user tables through phpMyAdmin. There are three columns you need to add to the wp_users table:

    display_name - varchar(250) - blank default value
    spam - tinyint(2) - default value = 0
    deleted - tinyint(2) - default value = 0

    And in wp_usermeta table you need to do a SQL search and replace to change all values that have wp_ to wp_1_ (because the main blog in WPMU has got that table prefix)

    UPDATE wp_posts SET meta_key = replace(meta_key, 'wp_','wp_1_');

    brilliant, thanks! this is exactly what i needed.

    all my users currently have ‘contributor’ status in WP (the blog that would become ‘1’) – do you know if they would retain this permission if i upgraded to MU?

    i am hoping that everything would work the same way, and i’d just be adding the additional benefits that MU brings rather than changing existing permissions.

    Yes, in my case user statuses were preserved. I have done just basic testing so far but things are looking good for me and soon I’ll be doing it on the live site.

    Hard Seat Sleeper


    Just a note here – I did the same thing as dragunoff. The only snag I encountered was that the admin account(s) needed special care, or I was locked out of my blog.

    Also, I dumped the nicename data into the display_name field.



    Can I do this and keep all the existing topics and posts from my current bbPress install?



    Nevermind… I figured that part out. :D

    @HSeatSleeper: Can you talk a little bit more about the special care you gave to the admin account? When testing, I got locked out of my blog as well, and couldn’t figure out why (my wp_1_capabilities were set correctly, as was user_level).

    Can you easily list the steps you took to secure the admin account? Thanks! :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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