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  • my site has more posts than the lower half of the listing. Why’m I not in there?

    username: bbpress

    Login: bbpress

    just asking… :)

    Ok Chris, it should be fixed.

    Thanks again for the heads up.


    Thanks for the feedback Chris. Looks like the footer is inheriting a parent CSS style or something.

    It looks fine on my mac in FF & safari, and it looks fine in IE6 & 7 on a pc.

    Will look into it & repost the url for you to have a squizz.

    Cheers, and thanks again :)

    lol, sorry, just read about how to submit in the forum. My bad.


    How do we make a bbpress forum submission? I am going live in less than a week & have made quite a lot of interface tweaks to suit the style of my site. I’d love to submit mine for inclusion on the showcase.

    Let me know.

    Fanx :)

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    Hi Leemon

    As far as I am aware, the email addresses of the people who register are not visible in their profiles by other registered users. It seems to be a default setting in bbpress.

    The email addresses are only visible to the Keymaster & people who have been given Administrator access.

    Hope this helps :)




    I will try this on my installation instead of the PEAR workaround & let you know if it works.


    Woohoo!!! Got the PEAR-shaped workaround working.

    A guy called Rob Hartzenberg at my hosting provider wrote the plugin for bbpress that uses the PEAR mail package to allow authentication.

    All I needed to do was:

    1. download & edit the plugin file to reflect my own SMTP host, port number, username (email address) & my password;

    2. replace the last line of the bb_mail() function in “bb-includes/pluggable.php with 2 lines of code supplied in the installation instructions;

    3. Login as keymaster & activate the plugin.


    I will be uploading the plugin shortly as I reckon there will be people in need of this workaround as quite a lot of hosting providers require SMTP authentication.

    What a relief :)

    many thanks to everyone that tried to assist & an even bigger THANK YOU to Rob at Imaginet.

    Hey sambauers

    Thanks for the response :)

    I just found out that the standard php mail() function does not support SMTP authentication, and that the only way for me to rectify this problem is to either get my hosting provider to change their server settings, or some sort of workaround using the PEAR Mail package which apparently provides supporting functions useful to multiple mailer backends. It currently suppors: PHP’s native mail() function, sendmail, and SMTP.

    I will keep you posted because if my hosting provider isn’t prepared to change his server authentication requirements, this PEAR-shaped workaround may turn out to be a good one for other bbpress users with the same problem.

    Thanks :)

    Hi all

    Plz help me, I’ve read everything there is to read about problem emails & have also tried installing sambauer’s bb_mail fix plugin with no luck.

    I had bbpress 0.9 installed on a previous hosting provider & the system would send out emails to new registrants without any problem.

    However, I have moved to a new hosting provider that requires authentication for the mail to be sent, and will not allow “localhost” as the outgoing mail server. Where do I find the php file that allows me to change it from localhost to a specific “outgoing mail server” domain?

    Is it even possible?

    Thanks :)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)