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bbPress Top 100 – May 2008 update

  • _ck_


    With the 0.9 release, and now six months after the first roundup, I figured it was time to take another look at the (completely unofficial) bbPress Top 100 list:

    While about 200 sites have gone missing from the previous list, I managed to find about 600 more to make up for it, so the list is now at just under 1500 (a 50% growth).

    If you register/login you can also see the sites that may have just missed the top 100, or see the whole deal via the top 1000:

    Some really nice looking sites among the bunch. I enabled “snapshots” so you can mouse-over the their little logo and get a general preview. I hope to improve the list someday with the ability to vote on the design of any site to raise it higher in the list (or a separate list for top design).

    If I missed your site, be sure to let me know for the next update…

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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