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bbPress Top 100 – August ’08 update

  • _ck_


    It’s time to take another look at the (unofficial) bbPress Top 100 list! I’ve come up with some more advanced ways to find bbPress forums and I am pleased to announce the full list has broken 3,000 forums and provided for some new discoveries for the Top 100:

    (based on activity, not quality, which is subjective)

    If you register/login you can also see the sites that may have just missed the top 100 via the top 1000:

    August update was essentially aimed at finding new sites, not updating stats for existing sites. I’ll do a full re-analysis next month.

    Some really nice looking sites among the bunch. I enabled “snapshots” so you can mouse-over their little logo and get a general preview. I hope to improve the list soon with the ability to vote on the design of any site.

    Also new for this month is an attempt to guess what country the site is “aimed at” (not hosted in or TLD used). This is very difficult to determine and I estimate my automated route is currently correct only 70% of the time.

    Some interesting statistics…

    1) bbPress has been installed on at least 4000 sites

    2) There are now at least 200 sites with over 1000 posts.

    3) A bbPress forum will break one million posts late 2008

    More analysis as I have time…

    If I missed your site be sure to post it for the next update!

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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