With the introduction of the new BB_Query_Class in bbPress 0.8.3, the old method of adding custom “views” to bbPress has been removed. You should no longer directly manipulate the $bb_views array, nor does the bb_views hook work.

To add a view, you should instead use a new function: bb_register_view(). Also available is bb_deregister_view() for removing the default views or views added by other plugins.

function my_plugin_views() {

            'Topics with more than five posts',
            array( 'post_count' => '>5' )

            'Topics started before 2005',
            array( 'started' => '<2005' )

  // Remove default 'Topics with no tags' view
  bb_deregister_view( 'untagged' );

add_action( 'bb_init', 'my_plugin_views' );

If you really need more complicated queries, you have the following filters at your disposal, just by registering your view in the above fashion (assuming the $view_slug is “my-view”).

  • bb_view_my-view_distinct
  • bb_view_my-view_fields
  • bb_view_my-view_join
  • bb_view_my-view_where
  • bb_view_my-view_group_by
  • bb_view_my-view_having
  • bb_view_my-view_order_by
  • bb_view_my-view_limit

If that sounds complicated, it probably is 🙂 Most plugin developers will never have to do much besides filter a join or where here and there.