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The Story

The Beginning

bbPress got started because we were using miniBB for the WordPress support forums, and were continually frustrated by its slow code and feature limitations. That’s saying a lot because miniBB was one of the lightest and fastest bulletin board scripts out there at the time. After a hosting change and PHP upgrade broke the boards (even more than they were) it became painfully obvious something needed to be done.

The day after Christmas 2004 Matt started coding from the ground up and two days later the first version of bbPress was pushed live on Since then, Michael Adams joined the project, then Sam Bauers, and in 2010 John James Jacoby reinvented bbPress as a WordPress plugin using all the latest coding standards, conventions, and approaches.

bbPress continues to grow alongside the growth of its community.

The Future

Open vistas and green pastures. Beauty the likes of which none have beheld.

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