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If you’d like to get involved with bbPress, there a few places that are good to hang out.

Bug Tracker

We use a bug tracker called Trac which is the best place for us to have tickets to track bugs and enhancements, you can view the recent goings on, file new suggestions or report bugs, and browse the source past and present. We think the log and RSS feed are pretty cool to keep track of SVN commit messages.

You can participate in a number of ways: “bug gardening” is basically going through tickets and making sure they have all needed info, are categorized and tagged properly. You can test patches that have been submitted and say whether they work or not. And of course you can give your feedback on the various proposals and idea, though for long-form discussion the mailing list might be better.


The bbPress project is now using Slack as our main real-time communication platform, replacing IRC and ad hoc Skype chats.

Details and information on getting up and running with an invitation to associate your account with Slack please see

Weekly Developer Chat

We currently meet on Slack at 20:00 GMT on Wednesdays. You can convert to your local timezone here.

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