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  • jessicana


    When someone view the forums while he is signed out he will read: You must be logged in to create new topics.

    There is no hyperlink that is linked to log in/ register page. Can we achieve this with the plugin itself?


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  • Robkk


    if you have a child theme just copy the templates form-reply.php and form-topic.php into a folder called bbpress

    then find where the code is and just edit the templates replace a word like login with a link like this

    <a href="" title="login"></a>



    Hi robkk,

    I have tried every way I can to get the link to show, but no matter what I do it won’t. I can easily change the text “You must be logged in to create new topics” but no luck adding a link there. I have been working with the files form-topic.php, form-reply.php and form-forum.php. Here is the piece of code in each file I am working with including your snippet above. Any help will be much appreciated.

    <div class="bbp-template-notice">
    			<p><?php is_user_logged_in() ? _e( 'You cannot create new topics.', 'bbpress' ) : _e( 'You must be logged in to create new topics.<a href="" title="login"></a>', 'bbpress' ); ?></p>

    I understand I have to use my url for forum login in “”




    the link should be <a href="" title="login">Login</a>

    i forgot to put the actual word LOGIN , idk maybe i was drunk or something



    Thx Rob,

    Missed it as well my eyes are weary. Thank You for the quick response. Setting new forum for my eccomerce site Learned quite a bit about bbPress in a day. Last thing really needing attention before it goes live is a login re-direct and one piece of code color of font forum titles. Really like bbPress but two a few quirky things.

    First: when I registered today for bbPress forum I really had to look for log in then finally figured out it was the icon top right. Seems like logging in and registering should not take that much effort.

    Second: Quirk. After log in site does not redirect back to page you where on. That disappointed me earlier today when searching for info and had to register to add to this topic. Again while I am really liking bbPress so far, seems weird two paramount conveniences are not incorporated in out of the box.

    Last one: is a little scary. If someone inputs incorrect log in information it redirects to WordPress main login in screen. Really have to work on that one before forum goes live. While most hackers know where log in in is for WordPress sites still seems stupid to advertise it like that.

    Or it could just be me, frustrated with having to learn something new.



    1. the login issue , i cant do much about since its about the design of , i can pitch some desgin ideas like just showing login and register links in the admin bar instead of the anonymous user profile dropdown so that it could be more like the wp admin bar as it is now.

    2. i dont think bbpress login shortcode/widget have a referrer login redirect , use this plugin to get that kind of functionality.

    if it doesnt work , i dont know how else to help you on this issue.

    3. i think you should create a new topic for this, i dont really know much about this.



    It can,i have made it.



    Thanks you Robkk



    thank you

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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