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WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

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  • gerikg unfortunately i’m using wordpress not MU!

    We have progress, now I can login in wordpress and after that in bbpress and to be active logged in the two sites, but I’m not automaticaly in bbpress, when I login into wordpress :(

    daudev if you are NOT using WPMU then you shouldn’t have so many lines.

    delete what you pasted and follow these instructions

    6 Login to your wordpress dashboard. Go to Plugins->Add New-> search for “bbPress Integration” it should be the first one. Install it and activate.

    7 Go to Settings-> bbPress Integration. Enter the bbPress URL without the www. Your plugins URL leave blank. Click on Save Changes. On the bottom box you’ll see some text copy it. Most likely it will say “define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );”

    There should be only ONE line in both files. Make sure you have the correct checkbox that says wordpress not wordpressmu

    Still the same, logged in the wordpress, not logged in the bbpress but can do it.

    only with define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ ); in the both files!

    But i look very carefully into the cookies.

    I found 2 differences!

    First for wordpress cookies

    login cookie is with name wordpress_logged_in_xxxxx and path /

    and other cookies are with path /wp-admin, wp-content/plugins, /forum/bb-admin /forum/bb-plugins

    and for the bbpress cookies are

    wordpress_xxxxxxx and path /

    and other cookies are with path


    I think this is the problem, but I don’t knew how to fix it, to have path without the host in bbpress cookies…

    Do you want me to look at it? and did you clear your cache after you just have one line?

    I don’t need to clear the cache, just the cookies, but yes I did, i cleared both!

    It works when i login first in bbpress, then I’m logged in wordpress also, but first in wordpress and then in bbpress is not working!

    do you want me to look at it??? email me ftp and give me admin access.

    Cross-Domain Intergration

    I’ve not seen anything about messy cross-domain integrations, so I thought I’d share my method. I’m using WordPress 2.8.6 with BBPress 1.0.2. Your mileage may vary on other versions. I suspect this method is not valid for 2.5/0.9.

    The setup:




    With shared user tables and database.

    The config AUTH_KEY/SECURE_AUTH_KEY/LOGGED_IN_KEY should be the same for all (remember to add BB_ to the forum config files). Within the BBPress admin intergation, have the same auth/secure/logged in values for all forums (remember it’s the value shown within the WordPress options screen, not the values in the config files).

    In this case cookiepath should be ‘/’ ($bb->cookiepath = ‘/’; // in bb-config and, define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’); // in wp-config). Set other $bb->style configurations as you wish.

    Basically, everything is the same. Except: The Cookie Domain must be explicitly set**. And not always set to the same value.

    In’s wp-config add: define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’,’’);

    In’s bb-config add: $bb->cookiedomain = ‘’;

    So far, so simple.

    Now, in theory, can be set with $bb->cookiedomain = ‘’; // But I’ve not tried. Paranoid browsers would surely reject this. Instinctively having the forum rely on something that might look like a security risk is bad.

    Instead, try adding this to’s bb-config: $bb->cookiedomain = ‘’; // Users will still need to log in separately when they switch domain, but all the other integration features seem to be fooled, with no adverse problems.

    I’d welcome any feedback on this method. I’m still not sure this is the best approach.

    ( ** Not setting the cookie domain appears to work, until the user switches between domains – doesn’t simply fail to find a cookie set by, it may fail a fresh blog login until cookies are cleared. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening, but it’s messy.)

    daudev, I messed up on step

    4 Open bb-config.php (in the bbpress folder) do the same thing here. With the SAME keys you put in the wordpress file put in the bb-config file around line # 41-45. ***You have to add BB_ to the front of the names. Example: BB_AUTH_KEY to all eight.*** Save. Keep the file open for now.

    im wondering how to recover the admin password, i lost it and im stuck,

    thanks guys, sorry for the off topic post, seems like you guys know how to get around bbpress

    Rich Pedley


    would be far better to start a new thread.



    Hi guys! I have a curious with this plugin. When a unregisterd user leave a comment on my blog, the username will be transfered correctly to forum, and a voice will be created. But i can not see the content of the comment.

    But if i edit the comment on forum, i do see the content.

    Plz help!



    would be far better to start a new thread.

    Please start a new thread!



    And for integrate bbpress with wordpress 3.0?



    would be far better to start a new thread.

    Please start a new thread!


    This one started in February 2009, It’s June 2010!!!

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