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WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

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  • 3. WordPress and bbPress each in their own directory

    |–blog <– WordPress


    |–forums <– bbPress

    (I like this methed best, seems the most “logical”)

    In this scenario, do both wp and bbpress have their own, separate databases?

    BTW, I can’t get the blockquote to work. I’ve tried <> [] and to no avail. What am I missing?



    In all methods of integration, they both have their own [databases] (correction, tables) and simply share the user table (and usermeta).

    I was confused on this issue, reading the installation instructions. It may be helpful to others to add an explanation there on whether it’s preferred to use separate databases and why. Thanks much.



    Sorry I posted some incorrect/incomplete info. Until recently, it was only possible to have one database with both the wordpress tables and bbpress tables shared inside.

    It’s now possible to force separate databases since 0.9

    However I recommend against separate databases unless you have some kind of weird configuration that demands it. It’s just more overhead, more configuration, more to backup and worry about. Some hosts even limit the number of databases you can have (though tables inside are not restricted).

    Just a quick question here, not sure if this is the right thread though.

    I have WP 2.6.1, and last night installed bbpress 1.0 alpha.

    Now when I log in this morning I click the button to ‘Log in’ and it redirects me back to the login page. The bbpress installation however, I can login to as normal.



    Is there any way to “undo” an integration? I integrated WP 2.6 with version 9 before I found this thread and now I can’t log into BB press at all. Just wondering if I can hack in and do something to revert it back.



    I can log in only through WP for both BB and WP, and also log out: only through WP. I need help how to log in either in WP or BB for both BB and WP, and log out too?

    _ck_ said: “I recommend against separate databases unless you have some kind of weird configuration that demands it.”

    Could you, or someone else, please outline any special instructions on how to go about installing bbpress to the same database that wordpress is already living on? Or is it just that simple as designating the wp database in the installation? What can go wrong? I have visions of destroying our wp installation and losing all our posts and pages.

    Also, to uninstall bbpress, do I just delete its folder and database?

    I would suggest adding a paragraph in the installation instructions recommending the single database installation and whatever instructions are necessary on how to properly do this.



    To install in the same database, you just specify that database’s connection details in bb-config.php. The important thing is to be sure you use a different table prefix for the bbPress installation. By default, it’s bb_ for bbPress and for wp_ for WordPress. Use different table prefixes and you can install as many applications into one database as you want. Just keep the table prefixes unique.

    To uninstall, yes, just delete the directory with bbPress in it, then drop the bbPress tables from the database. DO NOT delete the database since you have WordPress in that database as well, right?

    You’re probably overthinking it. Using the same database is how the bbPress directions are written now; I think it’s assumed. The key is to just keep the table prefixes unique and you can put as much stuff in one database as you want.

    What exactly means “WordPress + bbPress Integration”?

    * one users table in the DB

    *one users table in the DB and one login (you write user name and password once, and you are logged in the places)

    * or something else?



    This is what it is supposed to mean:

    *one users table in the DB and one login (you write

    name and password once, and you are logged in the places)

    Seems lots of people lately are having trouble with that. They idea behind integration is that you can log into either bbPress or WordPress, and you’ll be logged in on the other side. The two installations appear “integrated”, at least from a user login perspective.

    Chris wrote: “Using the same database is how the bbPress directions are written now; I think it’s assumed. “

    I thought the installation instructions were vague on this point. It wasn’t at all apparent to me which way I should go, and how o safely proceed with installing it into the wordpress database. A little editing could be very helpful to others in the future.



    Good point. If I could clarify the instructions, I would. We’ll leave the information here 1) for others to see and 2) so the chiefs can see the difficulty some are having and clarify the instructions for all.




    I can not figure out where i went wrong.. I’m using the latest 1.0 alpha release at 2.6. Everything apperas to work as expected (users exist in both systems, etc). However, the auto login is not working. I believe i followed the instructions to the “T”. Heres the stored cookie for both systems.

    WordPress cookie after login:






    BBpress immediatly after logging into wordpress:




    BBpress (already logged into wordpress, now manually logging into BBPress:




    any ideas?



    I’ve integrated the 1.0 alpha release of BBpress together with WP2.61 successfully in 2 places now. Works great so far.

    What I did: install wp in root the normal way. Then put bb files in subdirectory /forums/. Install bb. Follow instructions carefully. I also made my bb-config file writable, that prevented some errors as well.

    I have a fresh installation of the latest release of WordPress and integrating it with an installation of bbPress seems to be easy enough for a non-hacker like myself.

    But, how unstable is the 1.0 alpha of bbPress really? The site I’m working on is to be a soon-to-be-released homepage for a choir that will use it mainly for news, recruiting and general talk. Would you rather advice me to go for the wp 2.5.1 + bbPress 0.9 version?



    My advice would be to install it in a test instance and use it. See how unstable it is for yourself. Only you can make the determination if it’s ready enough for you or not.

    I guess I’ll try then, “beta” is the new “stable” nowdays anyway, how bad could it get ^^

    EDIT: wp is installed in /blog, what is the recommended path for the bbPress in that case, if any?



    If beta is the new stable (thanks Google) then alpha is the new beta?

    In a test installation (just copy all your WordPress files and database) you can’t really hurt anything. Just use it and see if it works enough for you.

    Well, the installation (with full wp-integration) went as smooth as it could have, but the index.php doesn’t want to load. Not even when fully referred to in the URL (/forums/index.php).

    My ftp-client sees the full installation and the content of the file seems to be ok. What settings could cause this error other than the URL actually not being valid, though I can’t figure out why that should be? :P

    EDIT: I found that Firefox can open and read the readme.txt and licence.txt just fine, but it wont execute the php-files properly… this is just wierd?? What the heck did I miss here?

    *couldn’t edit my previous post anymore – hence the double*

    Hehe, I’m mighty proud now! I figured I’d check the config-files for both installation and see whether the information was matched or not (not having any idea what so ever if that could be the problem) and I found the different security-keys wasn’t identical – so I fixed that.

    Now I have commenced mapping the role-maps and everything seems to be on track again. Thanks a lot for this guide and for making the systems compatible, saved me (well probably) an immense amount of time!

    I’ve been trying to install and integrate wp 2.5.1 and bbPress 0.9 a couple of times to have both cookie- and userdata integrated, but after removing all databases and configfiles two times in a row and reinstalling I still get this error in my bbPress-installation:

    Duplicate key name ‘user_nicename’

    >>> User tables will already exist when performing a database integrated installation.

    What causes this error?

    I’m trying to integrate with a WP 2.5.1 install and my wp-config.php does not include a constant named “SECRET_KEY”. The install routine will not let me complete without that. I’m stuck.



    The wp-config-sample.php for WordPress 2.5.1 most DEFINITELY has that constant (line 13). Maybe you upgraded and used an old wp-config.php. You would never see the new constants unless you updated a wp-config-sample.php with your old database details.

    // Change SECRET_KEY to a unique phrase.  You won't have to remember it later,
    // so make it long and complicated. You can visit
    // to get a secret key generated for you, or just make something up.
    define('SECRET_KEY', 'put your unique phrase here'); // Change this to a unique phrase.



    This is my installation structure


    I am using WP 2.5.1. and bbpress 0.9

    1) Can someone please elaborate steps 3, 4, 5? They’re very vague.

    2) What do I do about cookies if my structure is like above?

    I pasted:

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);

    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/wordpress/’);

    per the instructions listed in “settings -> WordPress Integration”

    How do I know if the cookies are working correctly?

    I have the other steps down correctly. I simply got lost at 3,4,5 and don’t know what to paste in my wp-config.php.

    Any other tips will also be helpful. Thanks.


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