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vBulletin import limits…?

  • OutoftheHat


    I have a fairly large vbulletin 4.0.3 forum (sql dump installed locally), and am currently testing importing it into bbPress on a local xampplite install. I have a clean install of WordPress 4.3.1 and latest bbPress. Running the importer, it has run through 1600 users, 1300 topics and so far 4200 replies (100 at a time), at which it has paused, with the wheel turning happily. My question is, what’s causing the pause? Are there limits (such as sql queries per hour) that I can change to speed up the process? And if so, where do I change them? Given it’s a local install, I’m not worried about performance impact if I allocate max resources to this task. Any info welcome!

    And how long should I let it spin before deciding it’s stuck and terminating it?


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  • OutoftheHat


    Okay, so digging a bit deeper, it seems there’s nothing in the data following the last reply imported that I can identify as likely to cause the pause (it’s very similar to those around it, in terms of content), which leads me to suspect even more strongly that there’s an environment constraint at work. Can anybody suggest where I might look?



    Hopefully this guide helps you. It lists some help for an import getting stuck and also ways to optimize the import process.

    Import Troubleshooting

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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