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user_pass error converting from bbPress 1

  • robsward



    I’m trying to convert a rather large forum (80,000+ replies) from bbPress 1 to the plugin version. The first time I ran the conversion, it started importing just fine, but my connection is not always stable and any time it dropped, I needed to begin again (it takes a very long time to import that at 100-reply intervals). About the 4th time I made an attempt, the importer started to throw the user_pass error (each time, I started a fresh conversion and even reset the forums between to no effect).

    How can I import the users and passwords from our bbPress 1 installation? Is there any way to request in the future that the importer squelch this particular message? It makes it very hard to monitor import progress.


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  • Firstly, we won’t be ‘squelching’ any error reporting in the importer, I wish we could have more, or at least improved error reporting. 😉

    I haven’t see that user_pass error for a long time, are you using the latest 2.5.4 version of bbPress for the plugin side of things?

    Onto the old bbPress standalone side, what version of bbPress standalone are you using?

    For the import to work you need to import from bbPress Standalone 1.2 to bbPress plugin 2.5.x.

    Details on upgrading and a general flow of what is required is outlined in the following topic, once you’ve read that post you’ll need to read the replies in that thread to follow along the steps.

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