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Upgrade bbPress 1.0.2 to 2.1.2

  • Limbobski


    I have a WordPress 3.4.2 installation that has bbPress 1.0.2 running on it.

    I would like to upgrade bbPress to version 2.1.2

    As I understand it, bbPress used to be a seperate product back when this was set up?

    And now it’s a plugin for WordPress and I can find it under the plugins sections for WordPress.

    But how to I go about updating the forum? Should I just leave the files as they are and install the bbPress plugin on top of it?

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  • John James Jacoby


    The problem I see is the table name: bb_forums

    It should be running these queries on the old bb_tagged table.

    These queries are part of a relatively ancient upgrade routine, dating back to database version 220 in bb_upgrade_220(). Are you able to see what your bbPress database version was before this upgrade started?



    OK, I had a success!
    Sort of.

    What I did was…

    1. backup everything.
    2. in your current wordpress, export all data to xml file
    3. if your bbPress was deeply integrated like mine, you will not have a separate bb_users table. If so, export wp_users table via phpMyAdmin and save it.
    4. upgrade bbPress from v1.0.3 to v1.2 as per <fontadoni> instructions
    5. log into bbPress admin panel and let it upgrade the database. I got an error there, but whatever.
    6. install clean WordPress with same user/pass. Make sure to keep old wp-config.php file.
    7. if you had integrated users as per #3, go to phpMyAdmin, delete the only (admin) user from wp_users and import your original wp_users table. Check if you can log in. You should to.
    8. in WordPress admin page, import xml backup of your previous posts. Let it download all media… You will need to install importer plugin. You should be able to see all your blog posts now. On first run, some posts were missing… If so, delete all posts and repeat.
    9. install bbPress plugin.
    10. Go to admin page -> permalinks and set “date and name” (at least for me it was needed to be able to access forums at /forums/ instead of seeing 404)
    11. Go to tools -> Forums -> Import. Provide database login info. It should convert and import your old posts…
    12. Your forums and all users should be available now. Check if posts have corrects users.
    13. If this worked, thank me in comments below…

    Cool, glad your all sorted now and nice work BTW 🙂



    Thanks for your step-by-step list e-motion! Our 6000+ user’s and 360 000+ post’s forum is still running on BBPress and I’m going to upgrade it now. I think I just have to upgrade it first to 1.0.3 and then to 1.2 and follow your steps from point #5 or what do you think?

    @tnts That sounds like the right way to go, I’d also suggest testing all this in a local XAMPP/WAMP setup to get comfortable with all the processes before performing this on your live site.

Viewing 5 replies - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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