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Thought about bbpress 2.0 importer from standalone 1.0

  • master5o1


    I think the process should have a few more steps as to prevent time outs. Currently it just fails/times out on my forum import, which has 33,500 posts, 1,500 topics and 12 forums.

    I think that the importation should first import the forums, allowing you to select which forum you would like to import.

    Then the next screen is importing topics from the forums that were just imported.

    The process should be broken down to prevent time outs, so only topics from one forum at a time should be imported.

    Importing users’ favourite should be the last thing.

    Although, I thought that perhaps it would have been better ( though more coding I guess ) if the importer didn’t rely on access to bb-config.php.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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