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there is no bbPress sidebar

  • cinges



    Im trying to build bbpress forum with some tutorial. I am stuck at sidebar login widged, etc. In wordpress widget menu there is no any bbPress sidebar to add bbPress addons. Iam using Zerif Lite theme, but its not working with other and default themes. Am I doing something wrong? Can you help me with that, I can give you more informations, if you want, just ask.. Thank you very much.


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  • Robin W


    you can use the sidebar that your forum page is displaying – if it is showing one then read the rest of this, if not then come back !

    If you want specific items for bbpress and maybe others on other pages, then add

    and then use

    is_bbpress() as a condition for widgets to be shown and !is_bbpress() for widgets that you don’t want on forum pages, but do on others.



    For beginners use a plugin like widget logic.

    That piece of the guide I wrote was a simple approach to creating a bbPress only sidebar for a default theme, it needs to be explained more for beginners, and requires some theme dev knowledge.




    I have a problem with the bbpress sidebar. I use bbpress wp tweaks to create a widget area for bbpress. Thats ok.
    But: When i create a forum mainpage i dont have a chance to use this sidebar. I only have the choice to use sidebar left and right, but that would show the blogsidebar.
    What can i do to use the widget area for bbpress on sites.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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