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Support for file attachments or pictures

  • Hi there,

    I run my blog/site on wordpress and I am really keen to add a forum. I have the option of phpbb or smf or our very own bbpress.

    Picture support is my basic requirement. Could you please tell me when will it be added to bbpress? Coz i am all for WP!

    And is there anyways, we could have the title of the thread as the url for the thread to make it more SEO friendly with keywords?



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  • ardentfrost


    For the first part, what do you mean pictures support? There’s a plugin already so you can use the img tag in posts. Or do you mean uploading pictures to the forum?

    For the second part, isn’t that “Pretty Permalinks?” I haven’t played with it yet, so I’m not sure though.

    uploading pictures to the forum.. i want the users to be able to upload pictures or link to youtube videos and stuff…



    Yeah, for that you’ll either have to wait for support or a plugin to be written. Gotta give it time. It’s something I was going to try to tackle soon, but I wouldn’t hold your breathe on my account :)

    I still have my phpbb forums up and they get slammed all the time with spammer comments. If you’re going to use something else while you wait for a plugin to be written, I’d probably try something else if I were you.

    hmm yeah i left out phpbb… too huge and spammy… i am going with vanilla :)

    if any suggestions let me know



    I suggest bbpress ;) There are javascript file uploaders that you can add if you need that right away. But like I said, the lack of that ability isn’t a show stopper for me.

    I know, I wanna wait too… coz this is neat and fast. And plus since I love WP so damn much and have practically been using it like a CMS and dont call it a blogging SW anymore….

    I tested vanilla on another site.. it looks very cool… feels so damn web 2.0, but it is very slow….

    Any idea when an img plugin might be up? I wouldnt like to go in with a JavaScript option… wish I knew some programming!

    The anarchy media plugin works to call many different file types, but it doesn’t work for youtube yet. It could take someone working the plugin for bbPress for it to work for youtube. I don’t know how, but maybe check out the anarchy plugin standalone to see if the file types there can work for you.



    I too just got a request for embedded video links on my forum… there’s a plugin that allows img tags and im wondering if i can modify that?

    My concern is that there’s so much HTML that goes into embedding a simple swf file that i’m not sure how it would all pan out…

    Zeug has some interest in getting his anarchy plugin for bbPress. Here is what I have come across lately:


    I have managed to get a basic image file uploader working on BBpress.

    check it out at

    If anyone fancies turning it into a plug-in, I’d be happy to send them al the source files, as putting it all into one file was a little beyond my abaility.

    Cool! Can you upload it somewhere and link to it? That way if now or later someone fancies doing it they can immediately.

    is there any prograss on this issue?


    attachment plugin is necessary for each good forum


    I made a post on this subject to another thread:



    Yes you are right ability to put swf into the wordpress forum is crucial. I’ve got how to do it. Looking stupid but it works. Here is the code:

    <object width=”399″ height=”270″>
    <param name=”movie” value=””&gt;
    <embed src=”; width=”399″ height=”270″>

    here is the result:

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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