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Statistics module for “My Views” in testing

  • _ck_


    I began working on this last night:

    As you should be able to tell it’s far from finished.

    I’m interested in hearing ideas for other statistics you’d like to see.

    I already just realised a list of the 10 oldest/newest member registrations might be interesting.

    Since all those calculations are “expensive” I’ll make it cache them for an hour at a time (perhaps adjustable).

    Also there will be more time/user based calculations once I get useronline released for bbpress.

    Currently bb-topic-views is required for the module.

    I’ll release it for beta test after more work on it tonight.

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  • Nice nice :D. Maybe a “Most users ever online” or something. Personally I like to keep statistics simple and compact, but some people like to display a lot of statistics.

    Top Taggers maybe? Who knows.



    Yeah all the “users online” and user tracking can only come after I release a user tracking plugin ;-)



    Can we have this page without installing the “big plugin” My_views ?

    Perhaps I can download this “module” and look at the code, and make a small plugin. Or just make a link that shows this page.

    I forgot to say : wow ! nice plugin :)

    exactly what I want to see.



    You can use this plugin by just installing it and my-views.php, you don’t need the others if you don’t want their features.

    I’ll be revisiting this plugin once I get my User-Track plugin done sometimes in March.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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