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Simplepress 5.1.4 to BBpress 2.2.2 converter?

  • MacItaly


    Hi all,
    the new BBpress version is quite interesting and I’m evaluating to pass a Simplepress 5.1.4 forum (with 60k posts) to BBPress 2.2.2 but cannot find an importer/migrator.
    Did I missed something or it doesn’t exists? and, in case, any advice how to achieve this?
    Thanks in advance


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  • There currently is not a ‘native’ Simple:Press import tool for bbPress 2.x

    If you are comfortable with databases you could try ‘rolling your own’ by modifying the ‘example reference template’ for the bbPress 2.x import tool. You just need to match the correct database tables and field names in the ‘from’ sections of the template. The file is called ‘example.php’ and is located in /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/converters/

    Also there is this topic thread that a few have had success with converting Simple:Press to bbPress



    Hi Stephen,
    and thanks for answer.
    I’ll try the solution proposed in that thread (I tried to look out before post here but without a search function I wasn’t able to find out that thread) even if seems more oriented on SP 4.+ and BBPress 1.+, hope that works anyway.
    In any case if, as you say, isn’t so difficult to adapt the existent importer (and seems that there is enough need of this), what about someone skilled, to integrate this feature to the “native” function?
    I’ll update with results of the operation.

    I was doing the odd tweak and bug fix with the ‘other’ importers for bbPress and whilst at it I decided to have a go at Simple Press 5.1.4, I’ll upload it tomorrow (just need to test a couple more bits first) and if you could give it some testing that would be greatly appreciated.



    Thanks Stephen,
    I’ll be glad to try your solution, also because I tried the plugin of that post and it works only partially, it imported few posts, assigning them only to admin user and other stuffs, so in my experience quite useless as is.
    If you need a tester, please feel free to send your version and instruction for use to macitaly at gmail dot com.
    Thanks in advance

    I have created a ticket in trac
    If you could keep all bugs and/or feedback posted to this ticket (‘tracs’ everything in one place)

    This has only beeen tested using Simple Press 5.1.4

    To install download the SimplePress5.php file and upload it to bbPress in the folder /wp-content/plugins/includes/admin/converters/

    Basic instructions on using any of the import tools are here (will to get these updated soon)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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