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Sidebar Issue

  • hannah.headrick



    I am building a forum ( with BBPress Version 2.5.7 and can’t get the sidebar to show up on either the page listed or what may be the forum index ( I have contacted the support team for the theme I am using (Dante) and they have said:


    Just checked and the same is happening with the other WordPress themes.
    You have the latest version of the plugin but looks something is wrong.

    Try to upload the plugin files again, if it don’t work you should contact BBPress support to help you to show the sidebar.”

    Can I have some help getting the sidebar to display?

    Also, as an aside, how can I get sidebars to show up on other forum pages? I have tried multiple plugins and so far none have worked (may be related to the original issue).


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  • Robkk


    This is caused because bbPress is rendering a certain template in your theme , this happens to be a template that is full width without a sidebar.

    Is your theme a premium theme or a free theme??

    If it is free, I can check it out and tell you what you need to do.

    If it is premium , the theme authors will have to help you as I cannot just buy a theme just to test it.

    see if this guide can help you though?? It tells you about modifying the main template , you can use this to put the sidebar back in.

    If you have any questions about it or suggested improvements please let me know.



    Hi Robkk,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have contacted the theme developers (it’s a premium theme) and they have gone in to my website, and the issue still occurs with the default 2015 theme, so I and they don’t think it’s a theme issue.



    Try some troubleshooting steps listed here.

    If they say the issue persists in a default theme , then it either is a plugin issue or just how you are trying to set up your forums.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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