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Secure Individual Forums by User

  • bemispromo



    I have a wordpress (3.7.1) site for a writing group with 700+ registered users. Most of the users have “Author” permissions (Because they contribute to the blog on the site.) There are a few editors who moderate the blog, and then a couple of admins.

    bbPress (2.0) is installed on this site. The forums should be visible ONLY to those users who are logged in. Additionally there are a few forums which should only be available to select members. (Their board of directors and writers who are published, as two examples.) A user might be a member of both the Board and the Published Authors group, but won’t necessarily be.

    I am looking for a plugin or a method for handling the security that will allow me to easily handle this. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  • You will find it very hard to find a plugin that will work due to the massive changes in roles & capabilities introduced in newer versions of bbPress.

    I suggest you update to bbPress 2.4.1 and most of what you are after will be able to be configured without the need of a plugin.

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