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Search result only search keyword from Titles

  • Adeel Mughal


    We have an issue in bbpress search when we search any keyword using bbpress default search form, search results display only by matching keywords that exist in topic titles.

    We need results from topic replies too.

    We are using the following versions
    WP: Version 5.8.2
    bbpress: Version 2.6.9
    Server: nginx

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  • By default, WP search works on content and title. But, there are plugins and/or custom code that can change that. Maybe you have some custom code to modify the search scope.

    Adeel Mughal


    Thanks for replying.

    Title and content, and topic replies are not considered as content? that’s why not search from topic replies?

    Do I have to do that customization on bbpress search side? because right now I am using default bbpress search.

    Can you tell me where should I have to add code or can you refer me to any site where I can check and modify code

    bbPress search has no options, it is the same as WP search, so if you havw code modifying WP search it will affect bbPress search also.

    Adeel Mughal


    if it’s wp search then why do they have setting bbpress forum-wide search in bbpress settings?

    should I need to look at wp search core code or queries?

    That option doesn’t affect search process. You should trace how the search is done and if it affects bbPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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