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Search Function Not Working In My Forum

  • creativecardio


    I’m using bb Press 2.5.8 with Simplepress 5.5.11. When I upgraded to this newest version of bb Press, the search function in my forum stopped working. It just gives me an error every time I try to search for something at the top of the forum. General search box It says “ERROR 404 – page not found” regardless of what I type in. It’s just not registering with my forum at all.

    In addition, when I click “search” within one of my forum categories (I have like 8 subforums) I get a different error message that says”The forum is empty” and “oh brother no topics were found here” I have thousands of posts in my forum though. The rest of my forum seems to be working correctly.
    It is weird cause it pulls up one of our users (Jay Kruz) everytime we search in one of the subforums (This user is not an admin- just a subscriber). I’ve even tried by logging in through multiple profile names and this person’s same user name always shows up. (I’ve never logged in as him – and he is not spam, but someone I know) No forum posts show up regardless of what I search by.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what I can try to remedy this problem?

    Any ideas?

    -Scott from

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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