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My Search Box Went Away In My Forum – No Longer Visible

  • creativecardio


    I updated to bbPress 2.5.8. I’m using Simplepress 5.5.11 with this. Since then, the boxes for my “search” function in the forum are no longer showing up. Also the box at the bottom of each new topic has a box for a simple “Captcha” math problem and the box for that is no longer showing up to my users anymore. Not sure if it is a text setting or a layout issue, but the line around the text that framed the search area as a “box” is now missing.

    Basically there should be a “box” for the user to type keywords into the search field. It’s technically there, but my users can’t see it. (It’s just not visible to them) The “SEARCH” used to be like a header area with boxes around showing where to type. It was highlighted real nicely. Wondering if this is something in the preferences section that was automatically reset during the last update? Where would I fix that?


    In addition, when a user goes to reply to a topic, that’s when the “captcha” box comes up. The users are telling me it won’t let them post, but they are just not seeing the “box” for the captcha math entry. It is there, but they are not seeing it. It’s where my finger is directly under the 6+4. There used to be a prominent box there that has disappeared in the last update I did. Any ideas on the settings that I might need to adjust?

    *I’m a rookie when it comes to bb Press, so the more step by step you can give me the better.

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  • Robkk


    The forum search should show up on the forum archive page that is usually by default and I do see it there on your site.

    The input box for the math captcha could just be a CSS issue. Unless you have anonymous posting activated in bbPress, you may need to send me account details for a Subscriber/Participant test user account as I may need to be logged in to your site to be able to even see the captcha.

    Also not sure why you are using bbPress with some other forum software plugin, you could possibly get issues by having them both activated together. If you are just importing from one to the other your simplepress data should stay in your database and you just import all of that.

    You should try some troubleshooting to see if some of the issues could be theme related. Make sure to check in a theme like Twenty Twelve, and also check to see if Simplepress could be causing an issue if you have it activated with bbPress.




    Both the captcha and the forum search that seems not visible is in Simplepress not bbPress.

    Contact Simplepress support if you want to keep using Simplepress instead of bbPress for forums.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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