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  • Hello, I have integrated bbPress in an iframe and looks perfect to be honest. ;)

    My only problem is being that The theme doesnt look good out of the frame but when someone registers for an account it will send them to the actual forum location.

    I was wondering if there was some way that instead of the email telling them the actual installation path it would direct them to the page on my WP I have the frame at or not even have that at all.

    I’m open for any solution. Thank you.

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  • bbPress in Iframe? that’s really strange :-)

    I’ve never heard about it before.

    Can you please mention your forums link here?

    It will be easy to find the problem.





    Try this:

    You can modify the registration email and add the proper link there.

    You could also do it with Mod Rewrite and .htaccess. But since you are not using permalinks on your site, maybe you don’t have access to mod_rewrite with .htaccess.

    Well, According to my little bit experience in bbPress World, its really not a good method to use just iframe to make forums seamless.

    You’ll actually need to make your forums seamless / deep integrated with wordpress by following these Instructions. I hope it will work. Thanks

    chris: That didn’t work at all, sadly enough.

    pagal: Have you been to the site? :P

    it is integrated seemlessly, sql and all.

    Its not integrated at all…

    you’ve just used

    <IFRAME SRC="" WIDTH=870 HEIGHT=1600></iframe>

    I’m sorry but we don’t call it seamless or deep integration.

    Why are you knocking my site? I made my site do what I wanted it to, did the theme and all. I ask one question for support and you represent yourself as THE community. My name has member under it just like you.

    Anyway, does anyone else have any other options? The setting in admin/general has to stay the same of course and thats what it is reading when sending email. Where is the core file that I have to edit in order to change this.

    Thank you.



    Don’t listen to pagal.

    You have to edit the bb-includes/ line 369. Substitute bb_get_uri(null, null, BB_URI_CONTEXT_TEXT) with your site address.

    Be careful cause it’s a core file. Unfortunately that function doesn’t expose a filter otherwise we could have done the dirty work through a plugin.

    Thank you very much zaerl.

    Keep up the great support!

    Don’t listen to pagal.

    I cannot ignore this line zaerl, I was trying to help him. :(



    Pagal, you’re right: it’s not what we call integration. But other people have put their bbPress in an iframe to get it on their site. Your comment does not help answer the initial question at all. TangoTooL is looking for a way to change the text in the email confirmation message. Your comment is off topic.

    Oops! sorry, Next time I’ll try my best.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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